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Last week, JR and Karina got their first 10. This week, they have the quickstep, the same as Derek and Ricki. Karina tells him that this is the most ambitious routine she's ever done on the show, but she has faith in JR. So he vows to push himself and make it happen.

I so love the quickstep and there hasn't been a good one on this show in a while. And this is a good one. It's very '20s flapper vibe, and JR is right on with the footwork. My one complaint, and it's a minor one, is that when they were in hold, he didn't put enough oomph into it. He ran down the floor, which is what the dance is about, but I wanted something more. And I still think Karina's choreography leaves something to be desired. I would love to see JR do one of Cheryl's routines. But it was really well-executed; at least as good as Ricki and Derek's, if not better.

Judges? Len says that Helio is in the audience, and he danced a great quickstep in his day, but JR's was as good. Bruno thinks it was A HIT!!!! Carrie Ann thinks that Bob Fosse would have been proud. Must be short on time after Maks's outburst. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 9, and Bruno 10. I'll buy that.

To give the couples time to prepare for the group dance, we get a performance from Kristin Chenoweth. Because she's a professional, she can dance and sing at the same time, as she performs "Maybe This Time" with a troupe of male dancers. I think Kristin Chenoweth is beautiful and funny, but something about her face creeps me out. As she ages, she's starting to look like a muppet or something. She finishes that song and the troupe (plus Tony, Maks, and Val and probably Peta) come out to dance to "I Could Have Danced All Night". And holy shit, Cheno hits a note at the end of the song that is amazing. Take that, Mariah Carey.

So how were rehearsals for the group dance? They brought back Carson Kressley and people were thrilled to see him. Some of the dancers (Rob, David) struggled with learning in a group setting, and the group enjoyed getting to hang out together. Ricki was worried about doing lifts because she's heavier than the pro dancers and Derek has a shoulder injury, but Derek showed that he could still easily lift her. Many of the stars are also worried about dancing next to pros, which seems reasonable.

The first half of the group dance is very enjoyable, done to "Hey Big Spender." As you would imagine, the gents are johns and the ladies are whores. Or dancers. Or whatever. But everyone seems to be having a ton of fun. Although I think it would have been more fun to reverse the gender roles. Then they do "Money Makes the World Go 'Round" and each couple gets a solo. Chaz and Lacey wisely skip a lift and still make it cute, but Derek and Ricki do an incredibly awkward lift right after, and they're lucky this isn't being scored. When they go back to dancing as a group, Chaz is totally the awkward kid you stick in the back row in the high school musical. I'm sad that Hope will probably go home tomorrow, because it really should be Chaz.

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