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Season 13 Performance 6

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Broadway Babies

What did the judges think? Len thought it was a fitting tribute to Broadway and he points out Ricki and Rob (really?) in their individual sections. Bruno thinks they're all motivated by money, and Carrie Ann thought Nancy was very brave. I notice that Nancy has a modesty panel on her cleavage this week so she doesn't have a nip slip. Smart.

So that's it! Who's going home? Probably Hope or Chaz, I would guess. Some people might vote for Hope and Maks, because they feel bad for her, but she hasn't exactly hidden her bitchface for much of the season, so I don't know. It should be Chaz, though. Your scores:

Ricki and Derek: 29

JR and Karina: 29

Nancy and Tristan: 24

David and Kym: 23

Rob and Cheryl: 22

Chaz and Lacey: 19

Hope and Maks: 19

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Dancing With The Stars




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