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Fright Night

Rob Kardashian will not be commenting on his sister's divorce this week, I'm guessing. This week, Rob and Cheryl have to dance to "The Addams Family" theme song. Rob found out that Cheryl was scared of everything, so he spent the week pranking her. Hope he spent some time rehearsing as well.

They're dressed as Gomez and Morticia, of course. And their tango is...really good, actually. Rob has the footwork down, and their kicks and flicks are great. Like way better than JR's were, somehow. My only nitpick would be that his posture could have been better, and he didn't get into the sexy character of the dance as much as he should have, but it was the best dance of the night so far.

Judges? Len thought it was well done, with good footwork. Bruno thought Rob was leading with conviction, but he needs to tuck his butt underneath him. Agreed. I know it's big, but he needs to tuck that in. Carrie Ann thinks it was Rob's best dance so far. I agree. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 8 and Bruno 8. I thought it should have been a point or two higher.

Hmm, Ricki and Derek don't have what they call the "pimp spot" (last dance) this week. Weird. They have the paso this week, but Ricki has injured her rib, so she gets it checked out. The doctor tells her that what she really needs is a week or so off, but she's not going to take it, obviously. Wah. Why do I care if she's injured? I really don't. Either dance or don't.

Okay, I am not one for conspiracy theories usually, but this is BULL SHIT. Nearly every routine so far has been hampered by terrible Halloween-y songs, and Ricki and Derek get to dance to Beyonce's "Sweet Dreams." Come on. Their paso is actually really good, but I would have liked to see them try to dance to Ghostbusters or some bullshit like that. Anyway, Ricki is Red Riding Hood and Derek is the wolf, which is an interesting twist to the whole toreador/bull situation, but I'm so mad about the song they got that I can't even.

Judges? Bruno thought they had fantastic figures, even though Ricki tensed her shoulders at times. Carrie Ann gives Ricki another tongue bath, but mentions the shoulders again. Len loves the shapes that Ricki makes, and she has great footwork. Len is seriously fired up. And it was a great dance. I'm just mad about the advantage of the song they got. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9 and Bruno 9. Well, at least they didn't get perfect scores. Brooke is trying to get through her spiel without laughing but David is dancing with a skeleton behind her and she cracks up. She's human! Who knew?

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