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Fright Night

Speaking of terrible song selection, Maks and Hope will be doing the samba to "Werewolves of London." Huh? How does that work? Is this his punishment? Maks has a broken toe, so he brings in Teddy from the troupe to dance with Hope. And she has fun! And learns the routine quickly! Except then Maks comes back and shits all over their work and they turn into teenagers rebelling against boring old dad and just giggle while he throws a fit. It just goes to show how both Maks and Hope would have been better off with different partners this season. Their personalities clash. Anyway, Maks tries to lighten the mood by dressing up in a werewolf mask, and he thinks that Hope is doing better as a result. We shall see.

If that dance was supposed to be Hope playing a character, it was good. If she was really dancing like that, it was bad. She started out pretty strong and I actually thought, "Okay, whatever went down last week put the fear of God in her and she shaped up." But she's like flopping all over the place and bobbling her head and she looks scared half of the time. But maybe she was supposed to be scared, because Maks was dressed up like a werewolf? So maybe that was part of the routine? She often had a look on her face like she was confused or had totally screwed up the steps. Was she acting? She looked like a bobblehead. Confused. It wasn't great, either way, but if she did it on purpose, it would be better.

Judges? Carrie Ann thought her lighter attitude brought an ease of motion to her dance. Len thinks the samba can be a celebrity graveyard, but Hope did well. Why does Hope look like she's about to cry? Len just said something really nice and she looks bitchy. Bruno thought it was better timing, better placement and better finish. Maybe Hope really did screw the whole thing up and Maks got her through, so she's pissed at herself? I don't get it. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8 and Bruno 8. Maks and Hope are clapping. There is something weird going on with them. I'm getting a really weird vibe.

Team dances! JR and Ricki got to pick their teams, as the high scorers for the competition so far. Derek did the choosing for his team and chose Rob, and then Hope. JR chose David, and then got stuck with Nancy. But they did get Tristan as part of the package, so...

JR, David, and Nancy (with their partners) head into rehearsal. They have the tango, which only David has done before. David gives them tips about posture and such. Wait, didn't JR have the tango this week? That hardly seems fair, although it might be confusing to learn two different tango routines in the same week, I guess. Anyway, Nancy mostly talks trash about the other team, which I greatly enjoy. I wish she would unleash the beast and just start talking shit about Derek and Maks. You know she's got some opinions.

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