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JR and Karina got two perfect scores last week, so they're worried that they have nowhere to go but down. In rehearsals, they practice their lifts for the Argentine tango and JR is concerned about whether he can handle it. Then they start working on the paso and JR rolls his ankle. Man, that hurts like a sumbitch. I've done that so many times! My brother the athletic trainer always used to make me stick my foot in a bucket of ice (or snow if it was winter) for like five minutes on and five minutes off. It was SO hard to do but it really helped. JR wants to keep dancing when he should really be doing RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation). Little did you know when reading this weecap that you'd be getting first aid tips! So anyway, JR finally does rest, ice, and elevate and hopes for the best.

Okay, so there's bound to be a bit of a letdown after their performances last week, right? But there's something weird about JR's posture. It's almost like he hurt his back instead of his ankle. His butt is sticking out, and when he goes to do some big kicks, it looks really painful. When they are in hold, his lines are much better, but it's definitely not up to his usual standards, technique-wise. And he seemed distracted and up in his head, instead of just fully giving himself over to the dance in the joyful way that he normally does.

Judges? As they wait for the discussion, JR confirms to Tom that he twisted his ankle again. Bruno says the role-playing in their routine was great, but the posture wasn't quite there. Carrie Ann gives him credit for his intensity, especially with an injury, but it affected his posture. Len just doesn't think the dance suited him, because "it was more zero than Zorro" and he was too hunched over all the time. Tom tries to defend JR by saying he was trying to protect his ankle, and Len says he understands that, but he has to score the dance he saw, and JR is very understanding. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 7, and Bruno 8. That's totally fair.

Rob and Cheryl have been peaking at the right time, unlike JR. Rob is still on his way up. Cheryl begs Rob to do well in the Argentine tango because it's her favorite dance, but Rob is concerned about having to follow JR in such a manly dance. He feels better about the samba, since it has a lot of booty-shaking and hip action, and he looks pretty awesome in rehearsals, I have to say.

So their actual dance might be the gayest thing I've ever seen on this show, and that's saying A LOT. It's done to Peter Allen's "I Go to Rio" and there are rainbows everywhere and rainbow streamers and Rob and Cheryl come out on a rainbow float. How did Rob agree to do this? But good for him. Anyway, the dancing itself is pretty good! The samba rolls are awkward, but at least they tried. His footwork and hip action are both better than I expected, but the greatest part is that he actually looks like he's having fun.

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