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Triple Play

Len liked the contrast of movement between fast and slow and how the lifts were incorporated into the dance. Bruno thought the mood was spot-on and the dancing was fearless. Carrie Ann sees Ricki's core strength developing and now she has the passion and the pop. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 10, and Bruno 10. Wow! I think that's deserved.

So all we have left is the cha cha relay. The order is determined by random choice, and each couple will dance one section of a song. The judges will award points: 10 to the top couple, then 8, 6, and 4 to the rest. So they all rehearse and I'm actually nervous that Hope and Maks will get the worst scores and be assholes. This is why they need to go home.

So the song starts and Ricki and Derek are first. They're fine. Nothing spectacular, but good. Hope is next; her problem in the cha cha is that she equates rotating her hips with actually moving her hips, and it throws her whole body off. JR and Karina are good but I really suspect that JR has a back injury that he's not disclosing. His posture can't be all due to his ankle. That doesn't make sense. Rob is actually really good. Like maybe the best. What is happening? Anyway, I would rank them from top to bottom: Rob, Ricki, JR, Hope. Let's see what the judges think.

Len says that the whole dance was good from top to bottom, and he thinks he will disagree with the other judges on who was the best. Bruno adds that the couples deserve accolades for doing three very different dances in one night, and doing them well. Carrie Ann loved to see them all doing the same dance right in a row, and she was surprised by who did well and who didn't, and they might be too. I'm guessing that's because Ricki and JR aren't getting the top spot.

The judges confer and determine how to award their points. After Brooke vamps horribly for a while, Len finally announces the results. From top to bottom, they are: Rob, Ricki, JR, and Hope. Hey, that's what I said! The judges actually agreed with me for once. They are getting smarter.

So here are your final tallies:

Ricki and Derek: 30 + 29 + 8 = 67

Rob and Cheryl: 28 + 27 + 10 = 65

JR and Karina: 23 + 27 + 6 = 56

Hope and Maks: 21 + 24 + 4 = 49

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