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Season 14, Performance 10: Results

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It's the finale! And it's two hours! Which means a lot of filler and three more dances that won't mean anything or even affect the outcome and after 118 minutes, the winner will be crowned. So let's get to it.

I love how these opening clip packages treat the show so seriously, like it's the like, "Who cares, it's not like this matters?", the viewers would be like, "Hey, you're right." And change the channel.

All of the pros who aren't in the finals come out for a group dance, and I have to say that I'm impressed with Maks's contemporary dancing. He's pretty good! I never thought he was that great at anything but Latin/ballroom stuff. The useless troupe is there also. And then all of the eliminated contestants get to do a little Soul Train style run down the floor (and prove why they were eliminated in the first place) and finally, the finalists show up on the stage for one last pose.

Tom sets up the stakes for each one: William has the charisma, Katherine has the technical gifts, and Donald is the hard worker. So let's look back twenty-four hours to what happened last night in case you developed short-term amnesia and forgot already. Are there a ton of people watching this finale that didn't watch last night, really? I guess they have to do this though. They do have two hours to fill. Ooh, Cheryl seems a little peeved with Len for the 9 when everyone else gave them 10s. She tries to make it out like she's joking around, but there was an undercurrent of annoyed. Watching Katherine's freestyle again, I still can't believe that they got a perfect score. Those transitions in and out of lifts were terrible. Carrie Ann was so thrilled with Donald's freestyle that she climbed up on the desk and cheered. And when you watch his and Peta's lifts versus Mark and Katherine's - I just can't see how those two routines got the same scores.

Of course, Len wants to see Donald and Peta's freestyle again. Woo, it's a lot sloppier than last night. Glad they did it better when it counted. And Donald is doing a ton of spins and not spotting them at all; I don't know how he doesn't just fall over at the end of the dance.

Clip package with the judges talking about the finalists. They note that William gets a huge reaction from the crowd, and his dancing isn't bad either, although Len says that he needs to recover from his mistakes better. Katherine is technically fantastic, but they don't know if she can handle the pressure. Donald has fan support and passion, but Len thinks he needs some refinement. And then Len compares this battle to Gettysburg and Bunker Hill. That's... almost distasteful, right? Because this isn't life or death. I guess that's why they chose battles from a long time ago so the families of those killed wouldn't be upset.

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