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Season 14, Performance 10: Results

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Tom introduces each of the finalists while super dramatic music plays in the background. Man, I know this show is cheesy but this is over the top, even for this show.

You know what I didn't miss? Sherri Shepard's ridiculous over-the-top "comedy". Anyway, she's back to do a cha cha with Val and a bunch of other guys At one point, Maks and Tony come down from the ceiling on wires, flapping their arms. Okay, that cracked me up. And Sherri looked like she was having the time of her life. I still don't like her, but I can appreciate her joy and delight with the routine, and best of all, it was pretty short.

Clip packages reviewing the first few weeks of the show. Remember when Jaleel White cried about Mickey Mouse or something? He's got emotional problems. And Martina and Jack Wagner were eliminated.

Oh, did I mention that the finalists have to do one more dance tonight? They got the music twenty-four hours ago. Brooke goes back to the practice space to talk to them as they rehearse. Because that's not annoying.

Martina is back to dance with Tony. As far as first-eliminated contestants go, she's not the worst I've seen. She at least as good as Kate Gosselin, who lasted many weeks in her season. In some previous seasons, Martina would have lasted three or four weeks, easily. And then Jack and Anna are back and Jack is doing a ton of hip thrusts with his floppy skater hair. Dude. You're like 50. It's time for a big boy haircut. He still hasn't learned how to control his movements, though.

Clip package of funny/memorable things that people said. Turns out they weren't that memorable because I didn't bother writing any of them down.

Gavin and Karina have returned to do their weirdo canoe dance. I never understand why people do the dance that got them eliminated. Although this one has been changed to add in some other female dancers, which means that Gavin has to do a lot less actual dancing. Gavin has loosened up a lot. He's still not good, but at least he looks like he's having some fun out there.

Brooke is backstage to check in with Katherine and Mark, who will be doing the jive. They think they're going to do just fine, you'll be glad to hear.

Clip package looking back at Rock Week, Latin Night, and Motown Night. Why did Rock get a whole week while Latin and Motown only got one night? Racist. Anyway, Gladys and Tristan are back to dance again. I love to watch Gladys dance. I knew she wasn't going to win but she is just a joy out there. And Tristan's not so bad either.

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