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Season 14, Performance 10: Results

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Finally, some actual dancing by someone who's still in the competition. William and Cheryl are up first. In the roll-in package, William and Cheryl head into rehearsals right after last night's show to work on their final routine. There's a lot of "last day of summer camp" hugs involved.

And they are doing the salsa and William is repurposing his white pants, because he's no dummy. Even if he doesn't win this, people are watching, including casting directors. Anyway, William seems more joyful during this routine than I've ever seen him, and it's technically pretty good. He does stick his butt out a little too much, but he's right on the beat the whole time. Does it even matter what the judges say? Len has always been a fan of William, Bruno thinks no one does salsa better than William, and Carrie Ann thinks William has true star quality. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 10, and Bruno 10. Are they really surprised? Unless someone really screws up, they're all going to get perfect scores at this point.

Katherine and Mark will dance next. During rehearsals, Katherine starts crying because she can't believe it's almost over. Anyway, they're dancing the jive. I don't know why they didn't pick something to better showcase Katherine; I don't feel like the jive is her best dance. Mark starts out going a thousand miles per hour and doesn't slow down. He's got to be on something, right? Like energy drinks? Anyway, Katherine looks great and does a great job but it's all kind of boring to me and I'm distracted by Marks' focus-pulling. He's gotten better about that this season, but it all came back tonight. All three of the judges talk about how great Katherine is and Len does everything but crown her the winner. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 10, and Bruno 10.

Donald and Peta will be the last ones to dance tonight. Like the other two couples, they are sad to be ending their partnership. They are dancing the cha cha cha. Donald has such quick feet and this routine finally showcased them in a way I don't think they've been showcased yet this season. Technically, it wasn't perfect, but he was working it. Carrie Ann loves Donald's determination and she thinks he's the one to beat, Len thinks all three finalists are absolute winners and Donald is the best football player they've had (Emmitt Smith's in the audience), and Bruno thinks Donald showed improvement every week and peaked at the right time. I would agree with that. Katherine got boring because she was great in the second week and never got better, even though she's better technically than anyone else. There was nowhere to go. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 10, and Bruno 10.

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