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Season 14, Performance 10: Results

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Interesting that they didn't narrow it down to a final two this season. I think it's because the final three were so evenly matched that any of them could win (in the public's perception). It's not like other seasons where there was on clunker that you were pretty sure couldn't win, and that person got dumped in the first hour. Really, any of them could take this.

Gladys gets to sing! She'll be singing "The Way We Were." It takes balls to cover a Barbra Streisand song, but I think Gladys can do it. As she sings, the three finalists stand on stage and highlights from the season are projected on the screens behind them. Katherine is sobbing. Donald is grooving to the song. William looks confused and then teary-eyed. I love how much Donald is into this performance. And Gladys is, no surprise, great.

Finally, some results. We're going to find out the third place couple. And that couple is... William and Cheryl. Cheryl seemed pretty sure that it was her. Aw, William's son is crying. It's okay, little boy. Daddy's white pants will earn him many jobs to come. Tom rolls the clip package of their journey and they're out.

And finally, the moment we've all been waiting for. Well, maybe not waiting for. Feeling a weird responsibility to watch since we've committed so much time to watching this entire season? That may just be me. And the winner is...Donald and Peta. Donald starts rolling around on the floor and then gives Peta a huge bear hug. I feel bad for Katherine but Donald obviously wanted this so badly and he's been a fan of the show for so long. And it's nice to see a new pro get a trophy, although I still maintain that Donald could have been even better with a different pro. I guess the question is, "Better how?" since he won. Katherine and Mark are extremely gracious in their loss, and I think everyone just loved Donald as a person. They get the trophy, the streamers go off, and Donald's family joins him on the floor along with all of the pros and eliminated contestants. Oh, Donald is holding his baby girl (I assume) who is SOBBING because she's probably terrified by all the noise. Poor thing. She's adorable, though. They should have gotten her some of those noise-canceling headphones like Drew Brees's son wore after the Superbowl. See you in the fall for All-Stars!

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