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Season 14 Performance 2: Results

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I started my recording and then paused it and it's stuck on an image of Tom pointing at me with scary crazy eyes. It's kind of creeping me out. So I'm going to hit Play now and get off that image. Tom recaps that the first week showed some amazing dancing but that last night, the cracks began to show. No, what Brooke was showing was cleavage, although it did kind of look like a butt crack. Sorry. I had to make that joke.

The pros come out for a number, which I always enjoy. I mostly like to see which pro is dancing with which other pro, and if they still keep Maks and Karina as far apart as possible. And oh "good," the troupe's back. Do we really need them? Anyway, it's an enjoyable number and I'm always amazed that the pros can learn so many dances in such a short period of time.

Once it's over, Tom shows the leader board and notes that Mark and Katherine are at the top and Martina and Tony are at the bottom. And we're getting right into results, given the huge number of contestants remaining, starting with the lowest-scoring women. Melissa and Maks enjoyed their routine, and Melissa says it's the most fun she's had on the dance floor. The judges are yelling for Gladys before she starts. I think they're rooting for her as much as the rest of us, and were probably sad to have to give her low marks. But really, she earned them. Well, maybe not Len's 5. Gladys tells everyone backstage that it doesn't bother her, and she had fun. Tony had to cheer Martina on during her routine, because she was discouraged, and backstage, Tristan came over and made sure she was okay, because she was crying and saying she blew it. Tony tells her that it's okay, and she says that it's the only time she messed it up in all their rehearsing. Aw, Tristan's a good dude.

So let's find out the fate of these three ladies: Melissa and Gladys are safe, and Martina is in jeopardy. Well, that's not surprising.

Matt Nathanson and Sugarland are on hand to perform. Hey, I just realized I saw this guy open for Kelly Clarkson earlier this year. He was all right. Not really my bag, but he seemed talented. He didn't blow me away or anything. Tristan and Peta are doing a rumba to their performance. I'm a little sick of the pro rumbas to the live music. Is it just that the rumba fits any slow, romantic song? Or is the rumba really easy to choreograph at the last minute?

Brooke talks to Roshon, Jaleel, and William backstage. Roshon has clearly had some media training because he's mastered the art of talking and saying nothing. Jaleel says that he wasn't bothered by the judges' comments because he watched his dance again with his two-year-old daughter, who said, "Dora" and left the room. I don't think that answered the question but he clearly wanted to earn points with a cute kid story. Brooke asks William something about his screaming fans and he can't hear the question because ladies be screaming.

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