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Season 14 Performance 2: Results

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Let's find out how those three reacted during and after their routines last night. Jaleel seemed nervous and was a little disappointed with the judges' reaction. Roshon wanted to impress Len, and he did. William was super fired up about his scores, to the point where he got up and leapt around the confessional booth. So what's the status on these three? Jaleel and William are safe and Roshon is in jeopardy. Wow, really? Then again, it doesn't mean anything. He's not necessarily the bottom three. The cheers when William is called safe are so loud that I seriously don't know what will happen if they ever put him in the bottom three.

Clip package of how much the various celebrities don't want to be the first to go home. Here's a news flash: none of them want to go home first. They're having fun. They still have things left to prove.

Hey, it's the troupe. No one cares. Okay, I think I've nailed my problem with the troupe. One of the reasons that I like watching the pros dance (besides that they're good) is that I have a sense of their individual personalities from watching them season after season, and that enhances my enjoyment of the routines. I don't know anything about the troupe members, and there's no time for me to get to know them, and frankly, I don't care to get to know them. They are good. They're better this year than last year so far, but I really don't care.

Tom makes a joke that Katie Couric is grabbing his butt. And she's there in the audience! Also, there is a Vegas show featuring Sabrina, Kyle Massey, Carson Kressley, some other people I missed, and Lacey. Well, good to know that Lacey is getting work.

Brooke is backstage with Katherine, Maria, and Sherri and their partners. Katherine is happy to be there. Maria doesn't answer whether or not she has two broken ribs and says that she can still dance no matter what. Sherri says that she's grateful to be there, and she loves being there. Wouldn't it be interesting if Brooke asked her to respond to assertions that she was overscored last night? That would be too interesting for this show.

How did they do last night? Derek tries to do a '40s-style gangster voice but it's terrible. He's as bad at impressions as I am. Watching Sherri's routine again, I can't believe she got the scores that she got given her screw-up. She admits in her confessional that she didn't want to put her face in Val's butt, probably. I'm starting to suspect that Katherine has zero personality, because they never show her saying anything. She's just laughing at other people.

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