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The Quick and the Dead

Last week, all of the couples danced for the first time, and no one was really awful. Like, there were no Tucker Carlsons. And some of the couples were way better than they should be in the first week. But now they all have to dance again, so we'll find out if last week was a fluke or if it really is going to be the most competitive season yet.

Tom and Boobs, I mean, Brooke welcome us. Seriously, Brooke is wearing the evening gown edition of Alicia's terrible bikini on Survivor. Why is that look haunting me? Is Padma going to wear it on the next season of Top Chef too? Maybe someone will retroactively wear it on Freakylinks. (Yes, I recapped Freakylinks.) (Yes, there was a show on Fox called Freakylinks.). Also, the awkward lady is standing right behind Tom's shoulder again, just like last week. I do not like that. Anyway.

Chelsie and Roshon have the Quickstep this week, so we'll see if he can apply his dancing skills to ballroom. So far in rehearsals, it's not looking good. Chelsie tries to explain that he needs to act like a prince, but at first I thought she meant he needed to act like Prince. Which would be interesting, but not that helpful with the Quickstep.

Roshon is incredibly light on his feet, which really helps with the Quickstep. And his posture and form are fantastic. Really, really good. I still have issues with his feet, just like last week. They're better this week; his placement is better and he's not sliding all around weirdly. But he doesn't always point his toes when he should, and he's so good otherwise that he needs to start focusing on details like that. Other than this feet, this is like a mid-season routine, in terms of his abilities.

Judges? Len says that he loved it, and that Roshon got some of the footwork right, and Len loved the attitude. Len is grinning wide. Bruno thinks that Roshon is traditional but with "cheeky swagger." Carrie Ann was worried about Roshon's abilities to transfer his skills to a ballroom routine, but she thought it was amazing. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 8, and Bruno 9 for a total of 26. If it were three weeks from now, there would have been at least one ten in there.

Sherri has the jive this week and she's struggling with the stamina required. Lord, who wouldn't? She also needs a more supportive bra. Seriously. Why isn't she wearing a sports bra during rehearsals? She needs to contain that business. I have no patience for women with the time and the money who don't get a bra that fits.

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