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The Quick and the Dead

Okay. Their jive is to "Proud Mary" and Sherri really tries to inhabit the Tina Attitude, and I approve in theory. But she insists on mouthing the words to the song, which would be fine if it helps her get into character, but when she screws up the moves, she stops mouthing the words, so that makes it obvious. And then there's a spot where she's supposed to slide through Val's legs and she misses the cue and does this move that totally reminds me of Baby doing the hitchhiker thumbs in Dirty Dancing when she misses the lift. Also, Val is kicking and flicking all over the place and Sherri isn't, probably due to stamina issues. So Sherri tried to carry this routine on attitude, and it worked about half the time, but that's not going to work for her every week. I don't think. She can move, though. If she works on her general fitness level and stamina, she could be something.

Judges? Bruno is screaming about Sherri shaking her thing and he doesn't care that she missed a pass. Carrie Ann loves Sherri and thought that was phenomenal, and loved her confidence and how she recovered from mistakes. Len thought it was great because Sherri and the audience all felt good. Len adds that he would've liked a little more jive content. I can always count on Len to hold down the fort. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 7, and Bruno 8. The audience doesn't like it, but that's more than fair for a jive that had little jive in it.

Melissa and Maks have the Quickstep this week, after being on the bottom of the leaderboard last week. Maks assures her that their scores would have been fine any other season. Melissa reveals that she dated Billy Idol in the '80s and seriously, is there anyone that she didn't date in the '80s? She and Maks work on their routine and Maks is being his usual blunt self, but then he gives Melissa a compliment and she starts crying. I chuckled at Maks' confusion over why she's crying. The dude just can't win.

Melissa's posture looks pretty good although she forgets to tuck her butt under at times. Luckily, she's wearing a voluminous skirt that hides things a bit. They do well until they go up the stairs to dance on the stage and Melissa seems to slip or something, but she recovers pretty quickly. She gets through the rest of the footwork well. Her feet, arms, and head are all very good. She needs to work on the character aspect of the dance. I can't stop thinking that I'm watching Melissa Gilbert do this routine; she seems too in her head and counting out the steps instead of just listening to the music and dancing. That will come with time, if she's given time. Better than last week, but may not be enough with this competition to keep her off the bottom.

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