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Season 14 Performance 3

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Tears and Heaven

Roshon and Chelsie are dancing to a Jackson Five song, which can't possibly be from Roshon's most memorable year, because they broke up long before he was born. Anyway, his most memorable year was 1996, because he saw Michael in concert. I feel like they are cheating. Anyway, Chelsie gets Michael's choreographer to come in and show them how to incorporate Michael's moves through the years, which is really amazing. I think this might be Roshon's samba to shine, even if they are kind of cheating the year.

They are dancing to "I Want You Back" which is definitely not from 1996. Roshons' legs are all over the place, just kind of flying. He doesn't have the strength in his legs to do these moves. He does really well for a few beats and then he just goes crazy and his arms and legs and feet are flying all over the place. He's got the rhythm and the dance skills to do these routines but Chelsie needs to rein him in to like 60 percent power and focus on controlled movements.

Judges? Len liked the exuberance and flair, but he wanted more traditional samba. Bruno thought Michael Jackson would love it, and he thinks Roshon looks just like Michael. No, he doesn't, Bruno. Just stop it. Carrie Ann thought it was a great tribute to Michael, but some of the MJ moves threw him out of timing. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8 and Bruno 9. Way overscored. Am I just grouchy tonight or are the judges a little too loose with the paddles?

Gavin and Karina came close to leaving last week. Gavin chose Billy Joel's "New York State of Mind," because after he saw Billy Joel in concert, Gavin realized that he wanted to be a musician. And his family always supported that dream. And in rehearsals, Gavin's not wearing his hat and his hair is totally normal! Maybe a slightly receding hairline but I was imagining something so much worse. They start their rumba with Gavin playing the piano and Karina sitting on top. I have to say Gavin is a lot more graceful than he's been in past weeks, and he's showing a lot of power and strength in his holds. That's what Roshon needs to work on. I'm actually impressed! He even has hip action. It wasn't as good as Maria's rumba, but it was way better than anything else he's done thus far.

Judges? Bruno is shocked that Gavin has hips and he can move them. He was also impressed with his arm extension, and he just needs to work on his turns. Carrie Ann agrees about the turns, but her heart is fluttering because Gavin was sensual and tender. Len thought he had great attention to detail, and he's progressing every week. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8 and Bruno 8. Now those scores were deserved.

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