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Season 14 Performance 5

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They have the samba. Gladys starts out sparkling but they try some ill-advised samba rolls. They look okay at first, but then they look stiff and awkward. Gladys almost seems restrained. She's got a big personality, and I'm not seeing it in this routine. I don't know if she's tired or if it's the choreography, but I feel like this is fine, but she could do more. Judges? Len thinks it was simple but effective. Bruno thinks Gladys is magic, and Carrie Ann says that there were a few tiny mistakes, but she loves Gladys's flavor. You know what else I love about Gladys? Backstage, she was clearly about to tell Brooke the reasons why her dance wasn't as good as it could have been, but she stops herself and says, "No excuses." Love that. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 7, and Bruno 8.

Roshon was in the bottom two last week, but escaped elimination. Chelsie works on getting Roshon to be sexier during their salsa, and to get his moves to be more masculine. Roshon decides to dress like William, and William gives him some tips in the breakroom. Roshon is kind of built like an eleven-year-old, isn't he? So their salsa is well done, and Roshon doesn't miss a beat, but he doesn't looks very masculine. He looks like a little kid.

Judges? Bruno tells Roshon he has great timing and brought great energy to the dance. Carrie Ann thinks Roshon has his own thing going on, and he's appropriately sexy. Len likes Roshon's speed and attack but advises him to calm himself down on occasion. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 8, and Bruno 9. Maybe a point or so too high.

Donald and Peta got high scores last week, so this week, Donald really wants to get 10s. They have the Argentine tango. It's very sexy, and very controlled, with some wild lifts. It's really great. Donald doesn't do a lot of the kicks and flicks but he's got swag, for sure. Judges? Carrie Ann loved Donald's control and his ability to go in and out of the lifts. Len loved the lifts but he didn't think the rest of the dance was quite there. He doesn't explain why, though. Bruno thought the build-up was amazing but that certain moves interrupted the flow. Donald has a ton of lipstick on his nose. I hope someone notices that soon. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 8, and Bruno 9. Donald goes crazy when he gets the score from Len.

I think Gavin and either Melissa or Gladys will be in the duel tomorrow night. Here are your scores:

Katherine and Mark: 29

William and Cheryl: 29

Maria and Derek: 27

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