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Season 14 Performance 6: Results

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Boyz 2 Men is reunited and singing on stage! And Anna and - holy shit, is that Dmitry! Where in the hell has he been? I feel like there should be a Hall of Fallen Dancers. Jonathan and Dmitry and Edyta and Alec could hang out there in little glass cases and someone could bust them out with a hammer if Derek's leg falls off or something.

More results! Donald really wanted a 10 from Len. I thought maybe the judges didn't notice that Donald almost fell down since none of them mentioned it, but Bruno did notice it, yelling, "He almost fell over." The dancers in the waiting area thought Roshon's scores were kind of bullshit. Katherine was shocked by the 10s from Bruno and Carrie Ann. The hair stylist who sprayed Gladys's hair was also holding a marshmallow which confuses me. Is there some sort of makeup trick involving a marshmallow? As Gladys left the studio, she said that she knew she'd probably be in the duel but people might just give her enough votes to stay out of it.

So out of these four (Donald, Roshon, Katherine, and Gladys), who is safe and who is in jeopardy? Donald and Katherine are safe, and Roshon and Gladys are in danger. No surprises there.

And now we get to find out which of the four couples in jeopardy will be dancing in the duel. I feel so dumb calling it the duel. What they do on Real World/Road Rules Challenge is a duel. When CT picked up Johnny Bananas on his back and carried him out of the ring? That was a duel. Doing the cha cha or whatever is not really a duel. But anyway, Melissa and Maria are safe, so Gladys and Roshon will be in the duel.

Tom interviews Gladys first, and Tristan says that they were kind of hoping to get the duel because Gladys opened the show yesterday and now she will close it, whatever the results. Roshon confirms that they rehearsed for the duel for a long time. They have to do the jive. Ooh, Gladys is in trouble. The jive is pretty intense.

After a clip package showing us how hard they rehearsed this morning, the two couples are changed and ready to face one another in the duel. There's a dramatic music sting as they take their positions. Okay, I have no idea who won that duel. Gladys and Tristan did the basic jive step pretty much the whole time without any showy movements, and I didn't see any kicks or flicks, but it was smooth and controlled without any obvious mistakes. Roshon had a lot more energy but his arms and legs were flying all over the place. I mean, it was a microcosm of how both couples have been throughout the competition. Gladys was lower energy but a pleasure to watch. Roshon attacked the dance HARD but maybe it was too hard. This is why I hate the dance duel concept; it could go either way and really, the audience should be the ones to decide.

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