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Season 14 Performance 6: Results

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L.A. Proved Too Much For the Lady

Carrie Ann says that she respects both couples, and they brought out their own styles. Roshon was vibrant but out of control at times, while Gladys was controlled but maybe didn't have enough content. Len thinks both couples handled the pressure well. Len thinks Gladys dances from her heart and puts her personality into it, while Roshon comes out full on and flat out. Bruno tells Gladys that she's unique and special, and she made a difficult dance look easy. He tells Roshon that his timing was immaculate, and he brought his energy to the floor and sold the dance.

Time for the judges' decisions. Carrie Ann votes to save Gladys and Tristan. Len votes to save Roshon and Chelsie. So it all comes down to Bruno, and he votes to save Roshon and Chelsie. Gladys has a huge smile, of course, because she is awesome. I mean, look. She was not going to win. I can't imagine her doing two full routines in a week, but it has been a HUGE pleasure to watch her dance. And GOD, I hope Tristan gets a young partner next season! He has put in his time with Nancy Grace and now Gladys. Everyone comes down and hugs Gladys because they love her. She's the real deal, y'all. No one e-mail me with a story about how she kicks her dog or something because I want to keep my impressions pure. See you next week.

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