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Bad Romance

Judges? Len thought Maria and Roshon were the standout couples. Really? Len thought they were good as a group, but it wasn't good technically. Bruno loved the creativity of the choreography in the beginning and end, and Roshon killed it, as did Katherine. Carrie Ann loved the concept and thought everyone was tight, but Roshon brought it home. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 8 and Bruno 9.

I have much lower expectations of Team Paso (William, Melissa and Donald). I probably shouldn't, but I think Derek and Mark do some great team choreography so they had an advantage. William is the only one who hasn't danced the paso yet, and they joke that they have men and not boys. Then William argues that they shouldn't take their shirts off, because the focus should be on the dancing, but he loses that argument.

Their opening is fine; there are a lot of lights and pyro to distract you, anyway. Melissa and Maks take the first solo and she struggles a bit because A) she's Melissa, and B) the soloist gets a little ahead of the rest of the orchestra which would be enough to screw anyone up. But she doesn't totally botch it, and it looks complicated. William and Cheryl have a rough start to their solo but recover nicely and have great intensity. Donald and Peta are also so-so. It's like this whole routine could be AMAZING but there are little screw-ups here and there. The men come back out shirtless and twirl capes around which, again, starts out rough, looks great in the middle and ends rough. That's pretty much the story of this whole routine. Some greatness with a lot of mediocre around the edges.

Judges? Bruno starts yelling about muscle power and all three men jump up on his desk. He says that they went out of sync but the men are superheroes. Carrie Ann can't stop giggling, and says that she loved the passion and intensity, and it will be a fan favorite. Len thought the men undressed to impress, and it was a great job. Sounds like the judges liked it more than I did. I liked it. I just didn't think it was great, nor was the other team's routine. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 8 and Bruno 9. That's horseshit, compared to the comments they got, and the audience is booing as the dancers egg them on.

After adding in the team dance scores, no one moved up or down the leaderboard, but the three-way tie at 27 did get busted up with Katherine and Mark pulling ahead by one point. I think it's Melissa and Maks's week to go tomorrow night. We shall see. Your scores:

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