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Season 14 Performance 8: Results

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And then holy shit, Brooke says that one of these couples is going to be eliminated right now. I thought they'd continue with the whole "in jeopardy" thing. I don't know if the couples caught that. Luckily, Tom reiterates it and then announces that Roshon and Chelsie are going home. Damn it. I was interested to see what Roshon would do next. He improved so much this week! It must be a fanbase issue. So William and Cheryl are going to the semi-finals. Roshon and Chelsie join Tom and Brooke for their exit interview. Chelsie says that Roshon was a joy to work with and had a great attitude. And... they're out.

More DanceCenter. Hey, guess what they pick on Maria about? Her laugh. Way to go for the jugular, guys. Melissa broke her back. HA HA HA. Donald falls down a lot. Oh, please stop. My stomach hurts from all the not laughing.

It's a tribute to the late Dick Clark and American Bandstand. I think this show has a lot in common with that one in terms of how the people get into the personal lives of the dancers and the backstage antics. I read a bunch of my mom's old magazines from when she was a teen and it was all about who was dating whom and who broke up with whom and the like. It was fascinating. Nothing about the music. Just all about the backstage stuff. Anyway, Dick Clark had a huge impact on the landscape of American music and dancing, so it makes sense that they would pay tribute to him.

Did you know that instead of a tour, the dancers are doing a live show in Vegas this year? And here's an example of what you might see with a dance by Dmitry and Anya. Who? I don't know. Hey, guess what? Like ninety percent of the dances on the results show, it's a rumba! At least she's wearing shoes.

More results! Maria and Derek got spanked for not dancing in hold enough. But the other judges more than made up for it with 10s. Derek knew they might get in "trouble" for their samba, although I don't think he predicted the 7 from Len. Even the other dancers were shocked at that one. Rewatching Melissa's dance from last night, she really screwed up A LOT in the beginning and she knew it. Melissa has to give a confessional while sitting in between Maks and Val, shirtless. They both kiss her cheek and she asks for a cigarette. That actually made me laugh. Although all I could think about was how sweat y they probably are.

So with Maria and Derek and Melissa and Maks on stage, which couple is in jeopardy? Maria looks terrified. Maria and Derek are safe, so that means Melissa and Maks are in jeopardy along with Katherine and Mark.

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