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Season 14 Performance 8

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Three-way? Three-some? I Give Up

Melissa and Maks are just terrible. Come on, you guys. They're not good, and they should've gone home already. In rehearsals, Maks loses patience and just starts cussing Melissa out, and he seems really awful. I get that she might not learn as quickly as he would like, or as quickly as his past partners have, but jeezy creezy, he needs to lighten up. Melissa explains via interview that she doesn't think Maks is a bad person, but then she kind of intimates that she can't make him look like a bad person, and only he can do that. I don't know what is going on with them, but between their bad dancing and their uncomfortable rehearsals, I'm over it. So after all that, how is their foxtrot? It's pretty lackluster, and Melissa screws up at the beginning. I feel like Maks has given up. And weirdly, maybe because of the screw-up and Maks's attitude, the ending is some of the best dancing I've seen from them.

Judges? Carrie Ann is thrilled that Melissa's shoulders were down and she thinks it was Melissa's best dance ever, despite the mess-ups at the beginning. Len agrees with everything Carrie Ann said. Bruno thought it was the best presentation too. Maks just looks pissed. I guess he's mad about the screw-ups by Melissa? I don't get what he's got going on and I don't really care anymore. Although after watching his post-dance interview, it's possible that he was upset by what he saw in the roll-in package. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8 and Bruno 8. Melissa and Maks just crack up because they knew how much they screwed up and got their best scores of the season.

Katherine and Mark had some issues in rehearsals because Katherine had trouble getting some moves and was worried about disappointing Mark. She should be worried about getting a concussion with the way Mark bonked her head on the floor. They have the Viennese waltz. It doesn't have the emotion of Maria's, but technically it's much better. And a lot of it is in hold, so Len should be happy. It's really beautiful but so soon after seeing Maria and Derek, you can really sense the differences in terms of emotion and technique.

Judges? Len loved how much content the dance had, with lots of hold and turns, but he didn't love the lift/spin. Bruno compliments her technique, but he noticed that Katherine was nervous about the lift. Carrie Ann is mesmerized by her lines, but she thinks Katherine lost her balance and her footing at times. The three judges all start talking at once and you can't hear any of them so let's move on. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 9 and Bruno 9. I'm surprised. I thought the scores would be higher.

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