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Season 14 Performance 9: Results

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Brooke is backstage with Katherine and Mark, where Katherine says that she's fine to keep dancing even though she may have gotten hurt again during her celebration. They try to get Mark and Katherine to watch their fall but there are technical difficulties and then Brooke tries to blame Mark but it sounds like they both made small mistakes that added up to a bigger one. Maria says that last night was "a triumphant victory of a night" because they had a terrible week but somehow pulled it out.

Design-A-Dance. It's a samba to a Beyonce song, and it will be danced by Tristan and Chelsie. I'm not surprised about Tristan. I am surprised about Chelsie, a little. Those two are cute together. It's nice to see them both dancing without having to talk their partners through the routine, and it's nice to see samba rolls done properly. I think they had a few issues with some lifts, though. And the ladies on the forums who are Tristan fans are going to have a FIELD DAY with the ending pose, where Tristan is leaning back on his knees and looking at Chelsie like he wants to...do things. It's a pretty sexy look.

Alanis Morrissette is on hand to sing her new song. I'm an Alanis fan. She's singing live, for one thing. And I miss the ladies of the '90s, like Shirley Manson and Courtney Love and Sheryl Crow and the whole Lilith Fair crew. There's the obligatory rumba while she sings.

Time to look back at Maria and Derek. Before they went on, Maria actually licked her hand and slicked Cheryl's flyaway hairs down. I kind of loved that, although I don't know if Cheryl did. I seriously do not know how Derek did that jive with a bad back. And Maria could NOT have been more excited about their first-place finish. So are they safe or in jeopardy? They are in jeopardy. The crowd boos and Maria jokingly joins them, although she seems pretty okay with being in jeopardy. I guess this far along, you have to be prepared to go home.

Tom announces what was confirmed at the ABC upfronts today, that next season is going to be an All-Star season. He adds that there will be former champions and non-champions. So spend the summer figuring out who you want to see! Or not see. I don't want to see Bristol Palin or Kate Gosselin. Or Marie Osmond. Or Billy Ray Cyrus. I would like to see Mel B again. That's about it.

Brooke is backstage with Donald and William, but they are both super nervous and don't have much to say other than, "We hope people voted for us and we get to continue."

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