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Julianne is back to promote her new movie Rock of Ages. They perform "Jukebox Hero". This guy singing is no Lou Gramm, or as people from my hometown of Rochester, New York knew him, Louie Grammitico from Gates-Chili. Julianne sings "I Love Rock and Roll" and then Mary J. Blige comes on and sings "Any Way You Want It." You know, if it weren't for Tom Cruise, I might see this movie. I know it will be terrible and cheesy, but I like things that are terrible and cheesy sometimes. I just don't think I can take Tom Cruise. After the number ends, Tom talks to Julianne and they have a cute father-daughter chemistry.

Carrie Underwood is on hand to fill time, I mean sing her latest song. I like Carrie Underwood, but just tell me who's going home.

Last night, William and Cheryl were totally focused after their first dance and knew they had to nail their second one. William's son was totally asleep. Aw, poor little guy. Don't you envy kids their ability to just sleep through anything? One of my kids slept through fireworks being set off about ten yards from us last Fourth of July. I was ready to leave but he just kept sleeping. Anyway, Donald and Peta also did great last night and Donald was thrilled.

So one of those two couples is moving on and one is in jeopardy. And William and Cheryl are in the finals, so that means Donald and Peta are in jeopardy. Brooke tells them twice because she's not sure they heard her the first time, because they were congratulating William. I don't like the looks of this. On the one hand, I like Maria just fine and I like Donald a lot. On the other hand, maybe Maria has peaked? And she's not going to get any better? Whereas I feel like Donald has room to improve. I still maintain that if Donald had Cheryl or Anna as a partner, he'd be even better.

So who's going home? I also think Maria and Derek might be too battered and bruised to make it another week. Oh, I keep thinking of reasons why Donald should stay, so that probably means he's going home. Finally, Tom tells us that Maria and Derek are going home. It seems like they kind of knew. Oh, thank God. The audience boos but come on. Who deserved to go home more? And how much better was she going to get?

In her exit interview, Maria says that she learned about her own strength and ability to persevere, and Derek talks about what an amazing person she is. Maria is very gracious, thanking everyone and anyone but making it sound sincere. She really did show a ton of improvement. I never thought she would make it this far and I can honestly say now that she deserved to be here this long. If you had told me after the first week that she would make it one week shy of the finals, I never would have bought it. That's kind of what this show is about, right? The people who learn and improve over the season? Anyway, now on to the finals.

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