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Season 15, Performance 1

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It's the first All-Star season. I remember when, in interviews, Tom Bergeron always used to say that if they did an All-Star season, it was because they had run out of ideas and were desperate. Sooo......

Congratulations to Tom Bergeron on his Emmy win for hosting. It is so well-deserved; he is one of the only things about this show that I actually still respect. Certainly not the producers, the judges, the band, or Brooke. The couples all come down the stairs and, watching them, I try to decide who I'm going to root for. Maybe Drew. Maybe Gilles. Maybe Emmitt. Maybe Apolo. That's about it. There are some people I'm rooting against (Bristol, Kirstie, Helio), and then the rest are neutral, at least until they piss me off or impress me.

First to dance tonight is Joey Fatone, who's partnered with Kym once again. I do not at all understand how they decided to let some people keep their old partners and some people had to have new partners. I get that not everyone could get their old partners - some people have left the show, some people had multiple returning partners - so they should have just made everyone have a new partner. It seems sort of like cheating. Anyway, Joey reminds us that he came in second on his season, and was beaten by Apolo Ohno. So he's got revenge on his mind. In rehearsals, Joey asks Kym to give him the most difficult cha cha steps she's got, and they'll figure out if he can do it or not. They have lots of mishaps while practicing; can they pull it together for the actual routine?

Joey's feet are quick and he's got a great sense of rhythm. I mean, obviously. You can't make it to the finals and be completely horrible. You can be not great, but you can't be completely horrible. His posture is pretty good and he's got good hip action. The one flaw I see is one I remember from his first season - he's pigeon toed and his foot placement isn't as precise as it could be. He sometimes substitutes style for technique. But it's fun to watch and he and Kym have great chemistry.

Judges? Len reveals that this season, the judges will be allowed to use half points in their scores. Oh, don't make Brooke do that math. Len says that Joey has great energy, but needs to watch his posture and footwork. Bruno reminds Joey that his posture needs to stay true to the style he's dancing, and he needs to watch his footwork. Carrie Ann thought it was a great way to start off the All-Star season. Tom totally cuts Carrie Ann off; she obviously had a BUT to add there. Scores: Carrie Ann 6.5, Len 7, and Bruno 7. Carrie Ann adds that she had a lot more to say and hopes she can explain later.

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