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Season 15, Performance 2

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Drew was in the bottom two last week. Drew vows to loosen up this week. Anna choreographs a slap into the routine, and she makes sure to practice it was much as possible. They do their jive, and I think it's really good! It's got kind of a punk vibe but the integrity of the jive is still there and I'm more impressed with Drew's dancing than I've been in a long time. His footwork is great, his lines are great. Good job, Drew!

Judges? Bruno loved the energy and attack, but thought Drew went flat-footed at times. Carrie Ann says, "Welcome home, Drew." She loved that Drew surprised them, and agrees that he needs to watch his feet. Len agrees also but doesn't think Drew will be in the bottom two this week. Scores: Carrie Ann 7.5, Len 7.5, and Bruno 7.5. I thought that was fair; I didn't see the flat feet, so I guess that counts for a half point off per judge.

Joey Fatone is dressed up like Charlie Chaplin. Oh good, because what I've been missing from Joey is more mugging. In rehearsals, Joey notes that the quickstep requires you to cover all four corners of the floor, and that means a lot of moving, and he's got a lot of bulk to move. Okay. First off, they dance to a '20s version of "Creep" by Radiohead, which is so off-putting and bizarre that it completely takes me out of the dance. And then, Joey's upper body is awful. His shoulders are up around his ears and his arms are not graceful at all. He does fine with the footwork but after seeing the earlier quicksteps, his definitely suffers in comparison. He sells the "story" of the dance and the character, but he always does that.

Judges? Carrie Ann loved the character and performance, but he did make a few mistakes. Len thought there was poor posture and bad footwork, but he enjoyed the routine anyway. Len adds that if you can't dance, you should entertain. I think Len meant it as a compliment but it came off as him saying that Joey can't dance. Bruno says the same as the others: good performance, mediocre dancing. Scores: Carrie Ann: 7.5, Len 7.5, and Bruno 7.5. Overscored by about a point.

Shawn, like Apolo, is really competitive and wants to be in the top three, so she's going to add gymnastics to the routine, since she figures that's something she can do that no one else can. And sure enough, they open with cartwheels down the stairs. Their jive is really good. Clean, sharp, and fun to watch. And controlled, which I think is difficult for the jive sometimes. My only complaint is that sometimes Shawn doesn't put enough bounce in her kicks and flicks, but that could be a stylistic thing, not technique.

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