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Season 15 Performance 3: Results

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Len starts out by announcing that this was the best night of dancing they've ever seen and he namechecks Melissa and Tony and Kelly and Val but says that obviously we have to see Shawn and Derek again. You know what I think is most impressive about their ending fall? That they landed at the same time. How many times did they have to practice to make that happen?

Results! Since two are being eliminated, I guess they have more content and less filler tonight. Melissa and Tony were really happy with their performance. Emmitt said afterwards that they nailed it, and Derek came up and congratulated Melissa for such a great performance. Gilles had to hang out in midair during the commercial break before his dance and Emmitt was catcalling him. Bruno really, really enjoyed Maks as Jagger, except he thought that Maks looked like an ugly woman. He looks different, that's for sure. Emmitt was really happy with his performance but not so much with his scores.

Tom is up on stage talking to each couple instead of revealing results from the dance floor like usual. It's making me uncomfortable. Anyway, Tom tells Gilles and Melissa that they and their partners are safe. Brooke tells Emmitt and Cheryl that they are safe. So that leaves Kirstie and Maks. Thankfully, Maks is not wearing the Jagger wig tonight. And they are in jeopardy.

Lacey and Kyle are back to dance the jive. I believe they are currently performing in the Dancing with the Stars Vegas show (yes, that is a thing that is happening). However, wasn't there a lawsuit between Kyle and Bristol over a planned reality show that never panned out or something? I'm fuzzy on the details but I know there was a lawsuit. Must have made for some interesting backstage times. Kyle still mugs mercilessly for the camera but he's also still very light on his feet. I have to imagine this is a number they do in the show, and wasn't just choreographed for this episode, because they all seem very practiced. And the guy singing is named Frankie Marino (sp?) and he's a regular Jerry Lee Lewis, hopefully minus all the underaged cousin marrying.

They are just doing things all backwards tonight. They show Brooke in the sky room or whatever they call that room where everyone sits as she orders four more couples down to the stage. First up is Shawn and Derek, and we get to see the judges calling their routine insane and amazing while it was happening. After giving scores, Bruno, Len, and Carrie Ann all say it was the best number they've ever seen. Wow. Apolo and Karina seem good at keeping it loose and Tony told them their scores were great. The judges were fired up when Anna ripped Drew's shirt open and showed off his abs, which were pretty good for a middle aged dude. Afterwards, Drew says he still doesn't understand the judges' scoring. You and me both, dude. Or at least I don't understand the relationship between their comments and their scores. Carrie Ann was fired up about Val and Kelly's routine and their chemistry.

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