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Season 15 Performance 3: Results

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Emmitt and Cheryl choose contemporary for Kelly and Val. Shawn and Derek choose Broadway for Helio and Chelsie. Sabrina and Louis choose Charleston for Kirstie and Maks, thinking they're doing them a favor, but Kirstie and Maks are not happy. Kirstie recovers quickly though. That leaves rock and roll for Bristol and Mark. Man, I wish Bristol had the Charleston. That would have been TERRIBLE.

Let me make you a list to try to clear that all up. If you want to know who did the choosing, just know that the top and bottom people chose for one another, then second highest and second lowest and so on:

Gilles and Peta: Bollywood

Sabrina and Louis: disco

Shawn and Derek: mambo

Emmitt and Cheryl: bolero

Apolo and Karina: hip hop

Melissa and Tony: jitterbug

Kelly and Val: contemporary

Helio and Chelsie: Broadway

Kirstie and Maks: Charleston

Bristol and Mark: rock and roll

I think the producers were hoping people would use strategy to try to help one another or screw one another over, but you can't reveal the dance styles and then immediately give each couple ten seconds to pick and expect any type of strategy, especially amongst people who aren't on a show that requires strategic thinking.

Inspirational story time! A dude from Harlem didn't have the money to pay for college. So he tap danced in the streets and subways to earn money for college, and he's here tonight. It's fine. I actually love tap dancing but he's...good but not great. And good tap dancing is not that fun to watch.

Sabrina and Louis are glad that they stuck to the basics, because the judges seemed happy. Helio curses Chelsie's dress because he told her that it would be a problem. Bristol and Mark tried to ignore their clip package since it was all about their fight. Did I mention how much Bristol looked like Mark's former partner Kim Kardashian last night? She really did. Anyway, of those three, who is safe and who is not? First, a break.

Bristol and Mark are immediately revealed to be safe. So that means that either Sabrina or Helio are going home. Holy crap. What if it's Sabrina? That would suck. Well, it's not. Helio and Chelsie are going home. No big deal. Although if Kirstie and Bristol stay much longer, I'm going to be furious. FURIOUS! Especially Bristol. Come on, voters. Don't be jerks.

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