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Season 15 Performance 4: Results

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Bristol Clear

The show opens with a performance from the troupe plus a couple of spare pros. I spotted Anna in there anyway.

We're getting right into eliminations, with the typical review of last night's performances first. Bristol needed Mark to talk her all the way through the dance and the judges didn't think she made any mistakes. That's not a very high bar to set. Kelly might have been on drugs. I can't explain her demeanor otherwise. Either that or she and Val just did it, because she was acting like Angeline Jolie that time she walked the red carpet after doing Billy Bob in the limo. Sabrina and Louis showed the crowd some of their moves to get some crowd participation going, and it worked. Bruno thought Shawn was a sexy vixen and Mark gave Shawn a big hug after her routine. Hope Bristol didn't get jealous!

Time to tell those four stars where they stand (Sabrina, Kelly, Bristol, and Shawn). Tom tells Shawn and Derek that they're safe. Of course. Then after a commercial, Tom and Brooke do that weird thing they started last week where they announce results while standing next to the couples. Sabrina and Kelly are safe, and Bristol is in jeopardy. THANK GOD! If Sabrina or Shawn went home before Kelly, I would have to kill someone. Or just grumble angrily on my couch.

Carson Kressley is on hand to give us a backstage tour. We get to see Kelly icing her broken toe, Gilles getting his bronzer applied, and Max showing off his knickers. And then we get to see Carson's reactions during the live show. It was fine for filler, I guess.

A lovely young lady is on hand to sing "Titanium" and I only know this song because I saw Pitch Perfect this weekend (which you should go see because it is amazing). The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers performs with umbrellas. Props are tough, especially when you're trying to do something in sync. The routine ends with the single female dancer standing under a streetlamp where it's snowing. I expected Mr. Tumnus to wander out and offer her some tea. Yeah, I just made a Narnia reference. Deal with it.

Brooke is backstage with Emmitt, Apolo, and Gilles. She asks Emmitt what song he'll dance to for guilty pleasure week, and he says it will be "Copacabana." I hope we get to see that. Apolo makes a joke about Karina's "improv breakdance moves." Gilles says that his guilty pleasure is "I Will Always Love You," because his martial arts buddies would laugh at him. Maks is doing something behind the scenes that causes everyone to crack up. I feel like this cast really enjoys one another.

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