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Season 15 Performance 5 Part 1

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The final individual dance (and I could really get behind this one-hour show) is Emmitt and Cheryl. They are doing the samba to "Copacabana" and everyone makes a big deal about the fact that he chose that song. Ha ha, he's a football player and that's kind of a gay song! Shut up, people who think that's funny. Well, Emmitt is just having a ball with this one. That's the old Emmitt I remember. He's sparkly and has great hip action, and you can see the samba bounce. Great job.

Judges? Len is already yelling and you can't hear it because the crowd is yelling so loudly, but he liked it. Bruno thinks Emmitt makes the difficult samba look easy and he creates a party in the room. Carrie Ann thinks Emmitt has "the samba swagger" and no one does it better. Scores: Carrie Ann 9.5, Len 9.5, and Bruno 10. Brooke screws up and says twice that it's the highest score of the competition (it's not) because some producer screams in her ear that it's Emmitt's highest score of the competition, and she corrects herself.

You guys, this Brad Pitt Chanel commercial? I wish I could be privy to the phone call that George Clooney placed giving him shit for it. Because you know that happened, and you know it was brutal.

Time for the first team dance! In rehearsals, Melissa cracked her neck and got diagnosed with a herniated disc in her upper neck. But she's been cleared to dance! So don't worry! Anyway, they are dancing to "Call Me Maybe" in the group freestyle. For their theme, they are pretending to be cheerleaders and football players which lets them do a ton of lifts and tricks. Melissa's injury happened while they were doing camera blocking yesterday, so at least she had already learned the routine.

They start with the girls sitting at school desks, bobbing their heads, and they're out of sync, but that's really the only misstep in the whole routine. They quickly move into Sabrina doing a back walkover and Shawn doing a basket toss. Sabrina and Louis have the first solo and I think it's the best one. Great dancing and a cool walkover lift that fits the theme. Derek and Shawn come out next and there's a great transition where they dance with Louis and Sabrina. I think Shawn is a great hip hop dancer but I was kind of expecting more lifts from them? Maybe they didn't want to outshine their teammates. Tony and Melissa also look great; Melissa's cheerleading experience must have been a big help with the choreography. And then Tony and Louis swing Melissa's body around while Apolo slides under her to begin his solo. It's funny; I think Karina looks the worst in this routine (of the women) because this just isn't her style of dancing. The other three women outshine her a bit. They end with a cheerleader formation and Karina and Apolo are in front with Karina doing a half-assed split. It's not a great cheerleading routine, but it was a great dance routine.

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