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Season 15 Performance 5 Part 3: Results

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Apolo and Karina: cha cha/paso from Gilles and Peta

Taylor Swift is here to sing about one of her ex-boyfriends. She's really off-key most of the time. It only sounds good when her backup singers join her. I think I'm about twenty years too old to get Taylor Swift. I think she's awful and I'm sick of her high-waisted pants. When she stops singing, Tom tries to banter with her but she doesn't get his Sean Connery reference.

Apolo and Karina were thrilled with their scores. Len loved Melissa's solo. Sabrina let her emotions show through her dancing and was rewarded with a perfect score, and the other dancers gave her big hugs afterwards. She and Louis were both in tears after the routine.

Tom points out that the top three scoring couples are standing on stage, and one of them is going home tonight. So will it be Apolo and Karina, Melissa and Tony, or Louis and Sabrina? I'll tell you who it won't be: Melissa and Tony. Tom points out that the remaining two couples are not necessarily the bottom two, but they both got perfect scores last night and one of them is going home anyway. And that couple is...Sabrina and Louis. Oh, that's awful. Poor girl. She was the best dancer in the competition.

Sabrina is incredibly gracious in defeat, as she says how grateful she was to get a second chance, and she loves Louis, and the experience has been a dream. I'm seriously bummed and I normally don't give a rat's ass about who gets eliminated. Boo.

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