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Season 15 Performance 6 Part 2

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Judges? Len thought it was "very self-indulgent" which is SOOOO true. It was like Derek's audition reel to choreograph a Broadway show. He also didn't think it had enough samba content. Hmm. I thought it did have some. Maybe not enough for Len, but enough. Bruno says he has "jungle fever" and as a piece of dance, it was fantastic, but he has to admit that it wasn't really a samba. Carrie Ann disagrees and yells that it had enough samba content and they were bringing it into the twenty-first century. Derek and Mark start doing some weird move that, from the back, makes it look like they are pounding their crotches at her. I don't know. This show just got really weird. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 7, and Bruno 9. Come on, Len. He's making a point but a 7 is ridiculous.

Apolo and Karina are dancing with Sasha from the troupe. Apolo is really intimidated about dancing with two pros, and they really don't do anything during rehearsals to make him feel better. Karina is kind of constantly like, "Ugh, Apolo, you suck. I want to dance with Sasha instead." So their dance is to "Greased Lightning" and I think they really did say "pussy wagon" but slurred it. That is a filthy song, if you haven't listened to it lately. I can't believe my mother let me listen to that album when I was in like fifth grade. Anyway, Apolo has a small screw-up at the beginning where he forgets his steps but he recovers nicely and for the rest of the routine, I have a hard time telling him apart from the actual pro. Of course, there's not a ton of dancing, and there is a ton of running up and down the stage. That helps.

Judges? Bruno was impressed that Apolo managed to dance with another male pro, mirror his moves, and look amazing. Carrie Ann has never seen Apolo shine brighter, though she did notice his slip in the beginning. Len thought it was fast, sharp, tight, and together. Scores: Carrie Ann 9.5, Len 9.5, and Bruno 10.

Maks and Kirstie are dancing with Tristan. This should be interesting. They are dressing up as giant angels and someone is sucking the life out of someone (which isn't really what angels do unless they are vampire angels, right?) and I don't even know. Maybe it will make me laugh. At least I can look at Tristan, right? Okay, I have no idea what the storyline was supposed to be in that, but it was ridiculous. So was the dancing. There was less paso doble in that than there was samba in Derek and Shawn's dance. Why is Kirstie still on this show?

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