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Season 15 Performance 6: Results

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Two for the Price of One

Tom says that he can't believe that they have to say goodbye to one of these three couples. So I guess Kelly and Val are safe? Am I the only one who's confused about that? Well, Emmitt and Cheryl are safe. You guys, I think Gilles is going to fall to the floor if he gets eliminated. He REALLY, REALLY wants to stay.

Brooke asks Apolo and Karina and Gilles and Peta to come down to the platform. Tom asks Len what they will lose when one of these couples leaves. Len says that he loves both couples. He loves how Gilles gives a hundred percent every week. He loves how Apolo has come back stronger and stronger with the determination of an Olympian. I think Len was about to say who he thought should go home and they cut him off.

Tom is ready to announce who's leaving. I don't really care which of these two couples leaves; I don't think either of them deserves to win the whole thing. It makes me sad to say that about Gilles, who I really loved on his last tour, but there it is. And Gilles and Peta are going home. I think his attitude turned off people. Brooke wants to know how Gilles feels. Gilles says he had an inkling because his scores have been kind of low, and he thanks his wife, who is a lucky lady. On to the semifinals. We finally dumped the dead weight that was Kirstie Alley, and that's not a fat joke.

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