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Fusion Frenzy

Judges? Len thought there was nothing safe about it, and he attacked it. Bruno thought it was hot, and Carrie Ann thought it started off strong and ended stronger. Hmm. Am I the only one who saw that he struggled with some of the moves? Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 9. I guess they did see the roughness, but just didn't talk about it.

Emmitt and Cheryl are up next. They have a samba/rumba and Emmitt has trouble switching from one to the other. Cheryl demonstrates the counts and it does sound really confusing. When they actually do the routine, I kind of can't believe they pulled it off. Unlike Apolo and Karina, who basically split their dance in half, Emmitt and Cheryl alternate between samba and rumba, and it's really obvious which is which. Emmitt is clearly more comfortable with the samba, but the rumba steps are there. His samba is great though; he had one pass that made me say, "Wow, that was nice" out loud. I think he missed one step at the end, but overall, very nice.

Judges? Bruno thought it was a smooth and balanced blend, and it was seamless and extremely difficult. Carrie Ann also applauds that they went back and forth between styles, but she thought Emmitt's upper body was lacking. Len and Bruno disagree with her. Len says he couldn't have done the dance as well as Emmitt did, which is a HUGE compliment. Scores: Carrie Ann 8.5, Len 9.5, and Bruno 9.5

Kirstie and Maks did well last week, and Kirstie gained new confidence as she realized that she doesn't have to be the best dancer to win the show. That's sort of a weird thing to realize, but she's not wrong. Also, Kirstie organized donations to those affected by Sandy on the East Coast. And don't forget that Maks grew up in New York, and his neighborhood was devastated, he says. Anyway, they're doing a quickstep/samba.

They are dancing to one of my all-time favorite songs, "Sir Duke" by Stevie Wonder. It is veeeeeeeeery slowed down, though. They begin with the quickstep and Kirstie has lots of opportunities to throw her horsehair around. Then they move into the samba, and Kirstie seems to think the samba means just shaking your butt. I see very little samba bounce. Seeing her after Emmitt is very illuminating; she's not half the dancer he is, and he's not even the best dancer left. Her quickstep was actually better, and that's the part she didn't want to do.

Judges? Carrie Ann thought the samba was a mess, but the quickstep was nice. Len thought it was a nice mix, although there were a few "incidents." That's a nice way of putting it. Bruno loves that Kirstie is always entertaining and hilarious, and that quickstep was good, but she lost timing on the samba. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8, and Bruno 8. Kirstie thought that was generous. I'm glad she realizes that.

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