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Season 15 Performance 6

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Fusion Frenzy

Judges? Carrie Ann thought it was the dictionary definition of dance fusion and it was fantastic. Len thought it was a firecracker and he would vote for them. Bruno thought it was flawless, with two dances performed to the maximum purity of each dance. They should give Derek some props for choreography, no? Shawn looks terrified for some reason. She and Mark did not smile at all while the judges were heaping them with praise. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 10, and Bruno 10. Derek promises to be back next week, and let's face it: he choreographed that whole thing. Every suggestion that Mark made got shot down that we saw.

Gilles is frustrated with his scores, because he knows that they need to be higher if he wants to stay. And he feels like he's working as hard as he can, and doesn't know how to work harder or better. To top it off, he's having a hard time getting the moves, but after a pep talk from his best friend (an MMC fighter), he's ready to attack the dance. They have an Argentine tango/samba fusion. This should be interesting. That's a tough combo. Their Argentine tango is INCREDIBLE. So sexy and technically amazing. That is Gilles's dance. The samba is less so - not enough bounce and a little too serious.

Judges? Len thought both parts of the dance were amazing. Bruno found it sultry and intense in the tango and exciting and sensual in the samba. Carrie Ann still sees some arm problems, but she thought it was a fantastic fusion. Scores: Carrie Ann 9.5, Len 9.5, and Bruno 9.5.

Now they have the swing dance marathon. Ugh, I hate these dance marathons. It's so ridiculous to try to watch what each couple is doing and judge them accordingly. Anyway, while we wait for the couples to get changed and catch their breath, Mark and Chelsie are going to dance with a troupe made up of people from Utah, which is Dance Central. I don't really get this one: there's a glacier and they're all dressed like crows or possibly vampires?

Time for the swing dance marathon! It's four minutes long and lifts are allowed. The judges will knock out couples one-by-one - lasting longer means more points. The dancing begins and Kirstie and Maks are the first couple out, mostly because they really weren't doing anything other than the basic swing dance step. No lifts, not even anything beyond basic. Gilles and Peta are out next and I don't know why, but I didn't see them do anything very exciting, so maybe that's why. Although Kelly and Val were really marking time and not doing much so I'm not sure why they didn't get tapped first. Emmitt and Cheryl seem to have one move, and it involves Emmitt doing a handstand; I've seen it twice so far and we're not even halfway done. Apolo and Karina are next out.

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