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Season 15 Performance 7: Results

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Girl On Fire

I have a weird feeling about tonight. I think there are going to be some weird eliminations. I'm writing this without having watched the elimination show yet, and I think I've gone on record as saying that the final three should be Melissa, Shawn, and Apolo. But that's going on who are the best dancers and we all know that this show doesn't necessarily reward the best dancers, and like I said, I have a weird feeling.

Tonight's encore is Apolo and Karina's rumba to "Man in the Mirror." It doesn't seem quite as intense as last night, when Apolo really seemed to have that feeling of, "I have to nail this or I don't have a chance in hell of staying." Tonight it's more, "I know I can do this routine, and I'm going to do it well," but it lacks last night's intensity.

Shawn and Derek nailed their fusion dance and then went on and nailed their Argentine tango. Not much I can add to that. And they're doing a weird one couple results where we will just find out if Shawn and Derek are going to the finals or going home RIGHT NOW. And they are... going to the finals. Well. Good. That's well deserved. If Melissa doesn't make it, that will also be a shame. The rest of the slots are open, as far as I'm concerned.

Brooke is backstage with Apolo and Melissa. Apolo talks about how challenging this season has been for both the stars and the pros, and it's been life-changing for him. Melissa says that she and Tony have done everything that they can do on their end, from Tony's choreography to improving from week to week, to dancing the best they can, and now it's out of their hands. I hope that's really how she feels, because that's very mature. I would not be so mature.

Tonight's spotlight performance is by a New Zealand girl named Paris Goebbel, who has been a hip hop dancer from a young age, mostly self-taught, and has worked her way up to choreographing for many big stars. She performs a routine with her troupe to "Girl on Fire" by Alicia Keys that might be my favorite spotlight dance of the season. It's very visually arresting and the dancing tells a story without hitting me over the head with the symbolism. Well done, show.

The Wanted are here to perform their hits. I knew absolutely nothing about this group, but I thought they were an actual band, like that played instruments. Turns out they're a singing group. Like New Kids on the Block. Or Backstreet Boys.

More results! Now we're looking at Apolo and Karina. Everyone from Melissa to Len (to me) seemed to be rooting for Apolo to nail that rumba, and he did it. If he has to go out now, at least he went out on top. Melissa feels the same way; she's so proud of her Argentine tango that she feels like if it's the last routine people see them do together, at least they went out on top. And one of these couples is about to be eliminated. And that eliminated couple is Apolo and Karina, which means that Melissa and Tony have made it to the finals. Look, I think Apolo peaked last night. I don't know how he could have done better next week. In his exit interview, Apolo is very emotional as he says that the show has been a blessing for him, because he's learned about himself and it's changed him. You know, starting last night, I get the vibe that Apolo and Karina are doing it. Are they doing it? Do I think that of every couple at least once per season? I kind of do.

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