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Season 15 Performance 8: Results

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Time for dances from people we don't miss! First up is Bristol and Mark. Bristol is fine. She doesn't embarrass herself. Mark could not be more going through the motions if he tried. Ugh, I can't stand that dipshit. Pamela and Tristan are next. Pamela doesn't so much dance as she does get thrown around the stage, wriggle, and walk. I'm guessing there wasn't much rehearsal time involved. Wasn't she one of the people who was like, "I'm not going to stop dancing! I will still dance!" I don't think she did much dancing.

Funny clip package where Chelsie and Helio had trouble understanding one another and Chelsie looked really dumb for not knowing they speak Spanish in South America and Portuguese in Brazil. Then they dance and I just can't take Helio seriously when he's trying to be sexy. He's like five feet tall and seems like he has really bad breath. You know it's true. I hope Chelsie gets a good partner next season.

Drew and Anna have decided to incorporate Drew's daughter Isabella into their dance, because why not? They redo their routine to "Crazy In Love," and his daughter does a great job. She is so focused on the dance and the counts and it's super cute. Tom points out that when Drew won his championship, Isabella wasn't even born yet.

Cute clip package of outtakes from the post-dance confessional booth. Not worth describing since it was a lot of people making funny sound effects and/or falling down, but it was good filler.

Wow, they actually just redid the Gangnam Style group dance and it was just as insane as the first time. Joey and someone subbed in for Kelly and Val. Who is that? Is that Kym? The wigs make it so hard to tell. Joey was actually a good addition to this routine; it's about his level of cheesiness. Gilles still looks amazing. Now that he's been eliminated, he doesn't annoy me anymore.

Joey and Kym are doing a Back to the Future themed dance, I guess? Joey's driving the DeLorean. Joey visits has past self and tells him that boy bands are cool, he should lay off the French fries, and start learning his cha cha now. And then they bring the DeLorean onto the dance floor. Joey is such a cheeseball. I'm not sure what this music is that they're dancing to; shouldn't it be...oh, they just transitioned into "Back in Time." Anyway, two little kids (little Joey and little Kym) come out and dance with them. What's with the kids this week? I mean, when it was Drew's actual daughter, that was one thing, but just random kids? I guess I should just appreciate that they choreographed a whole new routine instead of just showing me the same old thing we've already seen.

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