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Season 15 Performance 8: Results

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Twist and Turns of the Season. Maks dressed up as Jagger. Karina tripped and fell on Apolo's mike pack. They had to do two dances in one routine, and then marry two weird themes together. I liked the former and not the latter.

Yay, Sabrina and Louis! Oh boo, they're doing a rumba. And they totally botched their lift/trick/whatever it was supposed to be. She's still amazing. Just the speed with which she moves around the floor impresses me so much. I would have loved to have seen her freestyle.

It's the other freestyle, with substitutes Helio/Chelsie and Drew/Anna subbing in for Melissa/Tony and Shawn/Derek. There are a few slipups that just cracked me up but that was still a really fun routine.

DanceCenter. Nothing funny was said, except for one crack about how Gilles likes to take his shirt off, so I'm moving on.

Kirstie and Maks whatever. Gilles does my least favorite of his dances, the "Jai Ho" routine. After a commercial break, Apolo and Karina do their waltz. I really dislike this song, which is about a woman who gets cancer. It's just too literal. And then Emmitt comes out and does his Emmitt thing.

DanceCenter looks at the finalists. Shawn giggles a lot. Melissa can be an airhead. Val doesn't like to wear a lot of clothes, and probably had sex with Kelly. HILARIOUS!

Kelly and Val are up first with their Instant Dance but not before we get a quick clip package showing their "journey." Anyway, their jive is great. Kelly gets to play a different character than we've usually seen from her; she's kind of funny and ditzy instead of her usual serious and intense. I'm guessing everyone wanted the jive because they could just stitch together all of the eight counts they rehearsed for the jive marathon a few weeks back. Anyway, it looks like a complete routine instead of something they threw together in an hour, except for one little slip on a trick. It was minor. I enjoyed it. Judges? Len tells her that she's been a revelation all season, and he points out that her spins are fantastic. He loves that she worked hard and nailed the footwork. Bruno calls them "randy rabbits" and they have precision, even if they lost a bit of balance. Carrie Ann can't believe it was the Instant Dance since they were totally together. Backstage, Brooke tries to press them to define their relationship and they won't. She should just yell out, "Are you DOING IT OR WHAT?" Based on how much all of the other dancers and pros crack up when they deny their relationship, they're doing it. Scores: Carrie Ann 9.5, Len 9.5, and Bruno 9.5.

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