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Tony and Melissa had a great week last week, with perfect scores. They are redoing the samba, which they did in Week 3. Melissa loved doing it, but they didn't get any 10s for it, so there is room to improve. Melissa is contractually obligated to remind us that she's the only finalist who didn't win her original season. Anyway, their samba is colorful and has a lot of tricks in it, but it's not my bag. They'll probably get perfect scores as I didn't see any major mistakes and it was danced well, but it left me cold because I feel like they rely too much on tricks instead of just dancing. But that's my hang-up. Also, during their routine, I suddenly remembered that Bristol Palin was on this season and I think it made me grumpy.

Judges? Bruno compliments Melissa's dance ability but says her real area of improvement has been her confidence. Carrie Ann calls attention to Melissa's ridiculous abs (especially after having a baby) and says that Melissa's solo was the weak spot last time but the highlight this time. Len just yells a bunch of adjectives, so I guess he liked it. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 10, and Bruno 10. I was so confident of those scores that I filled in 30 for them on my leaderboard at the bottom of the recap before the scores were even announced.

There will be an Insta-Dance tomorrow night, and I'm looking forward to that. I think all three of these couples could do a great job. Well, I'm not so sure about Kelly, but she might surprise me. Anyway, the final dance of the first round is Shawn and Derek. They talk about how they've had a great season and they'd hate to fall off the rails at the end. So they're redoing their quickstep, which is risky since Len hated the fact that they broke hold in the middle and gave them an 8. Shawn questions whether they should do it again, and Derek posits that they can either entertain people or cater to the judges. That seems like a false dichotomy to me; can't they do both? But they decide to go ahead and break hold. There's a not-small part of me that hopes they get terrible scores as a result, because I am a rules-follower, and I hate when other people don't follow the rules and don't feel any consequences. Ask the lady who budged in front of me in line on Black Friday. I gave her some SERIOUS stink eye, but I didn't say anything, because I was afraid she would stab me.

Oh, right. This is the one where they dove off the stairs at the end. So this is the THIRD time we've seen this routine because I believe they got the encore the week they originally did it. And it kind of loses something when you know what to expect. This routine is all about explosiveness and surprise, which is now missing. It's a great routine, although I think Shawn's footwork could have been better, but I don't know if it showcased their partnership the best of any routine they've done this season.

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