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Judges? Paula thought Melissa's footwork was impeccable and they nailed the routine. Bruno calls Melissa "fearless and fierce." Carrie Ann loved Tony's choreography AGAIN and she noted that they went for difficulty and they did mess up one of the lifts. Len loves that they went for it and failed and adds that Melissa is a beautiful dancers. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, Paula 9.5, and Bruno 9.5. That's fair, I guess. Maybe a bit high.

Shawn and Derek have a mambo this week. How are they going to top last week? Shawn has to go home to Des Moines and Derek gets to meet the Fab Five US Women's Gymnastics team and bonds with McKayla Maroney. Do I smell a future partner for him? Anyway, Shawn and Derek plan to push it this week. And holy shit, do they. I didn't think they could top last week's routine, but I think I liked this one better. Obviously, there are a ton of tricks but they all seem organic to the dance. I don't know if it's because Shawn is better at them or because Derek's choreography incorporates them better, but the routine looks like a whole piece instead of chunks stitched together. And Shawn's dancing has gotten so much better since her original season. Again, I don't know if it's her maturity or Derek's teaching. But holy cow, was that a great routine. Fast and syncopated and right on the money.

Judges? Bruno can't believe that Shawn keeps getting better. Carrie Ann thinks the other contestants should be scared, and it's not just about the tricks. Len really liked it and was impressed that they kept rhythm and timing with all the tricks. Paula thinks Shawn is sexy and Derek should be on the ballot. For what, I'm not sure. It's Paula. Just go with it. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 9.5, Paula 10, Bruno 10. I don't know what Len was smoking; there were zero flaws in that routine. Flawfree. And it was way better than Gilles and Peta's routine.

Karina is freaked out about having hip hop because she does not know how to choreograph it. And when we see her trying, it's obvious that she really doesn't know how to dance in that style. They bring in a guest choreographer but I'm a little nervous. Before they dance, Tom talks to Kelly and Val on the floor and they are both acting really weird, sort of like we interrupted their intercourse. What is going on with them? Anyway, back to Apolo and Karina's routine. They do fine in the beginning, although they seem like they feel awkward. And then part of his mike pack goes flying off Apolo's costume and Karina slips and falls on it and goes down HARD. And then Apolo has to do the next few seconds with a mike pack hanging from his belt until he rips it off. They do manage to recover and the second half of the routine is actually better, maybe because they no longer give a flying eff and the worst has happened. It was still better than Bristol, even with the fall. It was totally Paula Abdul/Carrie Ann Inaba '90s fly girl moves. I half-expected Jim Carrey and a bunch of Wayans to come out at the end.

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