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Judges? Karina starts crying at the end and Apolo tries to comfort her. Carrie Ann wants to make sure Karina's not hurt, but Karina is just worried that she screwed her partner over. Carrie Ann assures her that the judges understand that the pros are all out of their comfort zones. Len loved that Apolo gave it everything and he wasn't even looking at Karina. Paula tells Karina that everyone loves her, and I think she just called Apolo "Paulo." Bruno loved Apolo's attitude and they covered the mistakes well. Scores: Carrie Ann 8.5, Len 9, Paula 8.5, and Bruno 8.5. I think that's about right. Even without the fall, I don't know that the scores would have been much higher.

Kelly and Val have contemporary, and have apparently taken that to mean "contemporary porno scene." Val thinks that Cheryl tried to screw them over because she knows he has no experience with contemporary. The whole roll-in segment is done on film instead of video, which is weird. It's like the producers are really trying to sell this showmance. Anyway, Kelly has a broken toe and I think it affected her dancing. I'm not a fan of contemporary dance anyway; at least the routines that I've seen always look like a lot of running around and reaching for the sky. Kelly and Val are out of sync in the one part that feels like actual dancing, but there is a TON of passion in the other segments. Maybe too much, if you ask me. And then they do a trick on top of some stairs and it kind of doesn't work - it looks too much like a cheerleading lift. I wonder how much of it they had to modify because of her broken toe. Anyway, that felt like a lot of build up with not enough payoff.

Judges? Len loved the contrast within the routine and calls Kelly a revelation. Paula thought it was beautiful, especially Kelly with her injury. Bruno thought Kelly had the hardest task in terms of the type of routine, and she nailed it and he believed every moment. Carrie Ann is crying. She thought Kelly was in touch with her raw emotion and it was stunning. Carrie Ann feels like some of the moves were beyond Kelly's ability but she went for it and it took courage. Val is carrying Kelly everywhere, and come on. I've broken a number of toes - big one, little one, the ones in between. And you can walk on it. I couldn't DANCE on it, but I could walk up a set of stairs without my hunky boyfriend carrying...wait a minute, maybe she's not so dumb. She might be on a lot of pills though. Also, they are totally doing it. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9.5, Paula 9.5, Bruno 9.5. Those are amazing scores.

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