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Season 16, Performance 1

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Wynnona Judd will obviously be this season's weight loss story. She talks about how she met the love of her life, Cactus (that's his name) and soon after they were married, he got in an accident and lost his leg. I've seen Wynnona on a few too many Oprah episodes talking about starting over and taking care of herself to be moved by it yet again; let the dancing do the talking. She's partnered with Tony to do the cha cha cha. She's got great musicality and she gets into it, but she's just too big to move much, I guess? She looks like she might have ten pairs of Spanx on as well; that would certainly restrict your movement. I don't see any hip action or much beyond a shoulder shimmy here and there. She doesn't miss a step, but it's a little boring.

Judges? Len thinks she had musicality and personality even if it was a bit careful. Bruno wants her to give more next time, now that she's got the first one out of the way. Carrie Ann thinks she showed a lot of sass but now she's got to back that up and really turn it loose. She could be great; she's got the attitude down. Scores: Carrie Ann 6, Len 6, and Bruno 6.

Oh, Andy Dick. So many problems. So much attention needed. He's paired with Sharna, from the troupe. After a week of training, Andy was ready to quit and he was scared of being bad and letting his partner down. They are dancing the foxtrot. Aw, Andy. I involuntarily grinned when he finished the dance without a major mishap. I mean, he's been in the news for being such a dipshit, but he's so earnest when he's sober, which he says he is now. I can't stay mad. I probably should. Anyway, he's not a GREAT dancer, but he does inject some personality into the moves, and he doesn't miss a step, so he's clearly worked hard on this routine. I'm a little nervous for how he'll do on the Latin routines, but this foxtrot was just fine and I'm glad he got it out of the way; maybe it gave him the confidence to do even better next time.

Judges? Bruno says it had a skittish charm, and while it could have been smoother, he enjoyed it. Carrie Ann thinks Andy is quite charming and she was touched, but he needs to work on his hand and feet. Len thought the choreography was nice, and there were moments of sophistication, but it lacked fluidity. Scores: Carrie Ann 6, Len 5, and Bruno 6.

Aaaand, finally, Jacoby Jones. Doesn't it feel like it was ten years ago that Kellie Pickler danced? Anyway, Jacoby Jones plays football for the Ravens, and he just won the Super Bowl. And then he had knee surgery, so he didn't even get to start rehearsing until a week ago. Yikes. Karina, his partner, had better hope he has some natural ability. They're dancing the cha cha cha. Wow. He's got a TON of natural ability and personality to boot. Too bad his posture is awful. For only a week of rehearsal, though, it's good. I mean, the routine was super fun to watch but he might be in trouble when he gets something like the foxtrot or the quickstep because Karina put a lot of club dancing in there and she can't do that with the more formal ballroom routines.

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