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Season 16 Performance 10: Results

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In rehearsals, Derek taught Kellie their routine but warned her that they might need to change the order once they hear the music. Derek seems like he's in denial that this is their last dance; he talks about how they have so many cool moves that they couldn't fit into the routine and they'll have to do them next time they dance. Anyway, their jive is a delight. Quick and fun, and they really seem like they're having a good time. There are a few rough transitions, but that's kind of expected in an Instant Dance, no? But Kellie is really a wonderful dancer. I think she started out so good that it was easy to overlook her.

Judges? Bruno says that Kellie reminds him of Julianne, and she was wonderful. Carrie Ann thought it was the perfect ending to her journey, and they are a ray of sunshine. Len loves that her dancing is clean and precise and polished. As they wait for scores, Derek is giving out a lot of thank yous, making me think he's done with the show. I mean, he thanks the producers and the crew. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 10, and Bruno 10.

Zendaya is wearing these pink high tops for their jive that just look terrible. And they do seem to affect her performance because she can't move her feet as fast as the rest of her is going. I don't know if she has a foot injury or just hates heels, but she could've worn some cute jazz shoes or anything smaller. High tops? Is she planning on playing basketball later? Anyway, their jive is technically great and a great performance, but there are a few wobbly turns and it's so fast that it gets out of control a couple of times. I know she's going to get a perfect score but it wasn't perfect, and it wasn't as good as Kellie and Derek's.

Judges? Carrie Ann says that she's sad that she won't get to see Zendaya dance anymore on the show. Len can't believe Zendaya's maturity given that she's only sixteen. True that. Bruno thinks that Zendaya has pitch perfect performer instincts. Well, except for her choice in footwear. You know, a word about Val - he really came into his own this season. He was always Maks's brother, but he impressed me this season. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 10, and Bruno 10.

While we wait for the results, Jessica Sanchez is here to perform "I Just Want to Feel This Moment." The three couples stand on stage while we see highlights of the season. How they don't burst out crying, I do not know. I guess they're just really nervous.

Time to find out who is in third place. I'm going to guess it's Jacoby. And I'm right. I'm sure they expected it, given their judges' scores. They show a great clip package of Jacoby's crazy facial expressions, impressions, farting, and dancing. He certainly made this season interesting.

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