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Season 16 Performance 10: Results

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I just realized that a lot of the eliminated contestants didn't dance other than that one group number. Not that I needed to see them again, but Ingo, Sean, Victor, and DL all skipped out, and Wynonna performed but didn't dance. I wonder if that was their choice or the producers' choice? Weird.

So now it's down to Kellie or Zendaya, and it could honestly be either one. I thought Zendaya did better over the whole season, but Kellie did better last night and tonight. Kellie and Derek look pretty resigned to second place, and then Tom calls out their name as the winners. Wow, did they not expect to win. Kellie was shocked. Well, if it is Derek's last season, it's nice for him to go out on top, and Val will hopefully be on the show for many seasons to come. Zendaya is very gracious about second place, but she's clearly disappointed. Aw. She was great. Hmm, I notice that Kellie and Derek never talk to Zendaya and Val. Bad blood? I don't know why I'm trying to stir up gossip now that the season is over.

It was an average season but an exciting finale, because honestly, any of them could have won starting Monday night. I'll be sad if Derek goes; his smugness did get to me at times but I think he's the most talented male choreographer they've got and I always looked forward to his routines. I mean, who's going to replace him? Gleb? Girl, please.

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