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I know it's only been a week but I've kind of already forgotten all of the dances from the premiere. I do remember that DL Hughley was awful. I'd expect that trend to continue Tom is forced to say something about using Twitter to choose who does the encore and it sounds so unnatural. And do the old fogies who watch this show actually use Twitter? I thought they were all on Facebook now.

Ingo had contemporary last week, which is kind of more graceful movement than actual dance, as far as I'm concerned. This week, he has the quickstep, which will be the true test. And Ingo looks better than I expected! His footwork is quick and his posture is good. He's got long legs and arms and a bit of natural grace. Something is missing though - I think he's just a bit behind the beat. It definitely looks like Kym is pulling him around the floor, moreso the further they get into the routine. That said, he has potential.

Judges? Len thought he did great overall, and a huge improvement over last week since he had a good frame, although his footwork wasn't great. Bruno notes that Kym didn't dumb down the choreography, and that led to a few mistakes by Ingo, but they were minor. Carrie Ann thought his frame was the problem, and it caused them to go out of sync. Len and Carrie Ann argue about the frame for a while. I actually agree with Carrie Ann; there was something wonky with his frame. It was almost too stiff, which seems odd to say regarding the quickstep. Scores: Carrie Ann 6, Len 7, and Bruno 7.

Dorothy and Tristan are up next, and man, Tristan's stylist went a little nuts with the mousse. Calm down there, Danny Zuko. They have the jive this week. Dorothy has a cyst on her spine or something? And it's causing trouble with her legs as well. As a result, she can't really rehearse full out, and has to sit and watch Tristan dance most of the time. I mean, not really a punishment, amirite ladeez? Anyway, when they get to the actual routine, she starts off quite tentative, and of all the dances the require a strong attack, the jive is the attackiest, I think. She gets stronger in the middle, whether it's because she realizes it doesn't hurt or because she knows the steps better, I don't know. But then there are a few obvious places where she gets lost and Tristan has to push her back into the routine. So there were a few... well, I wouldn't call them bright spots, but let's call them lighter spots? And I don't know how much of it can be attributed to the injury. Her arms were weak and she just didn't have the gusto she needed to make the jive work.

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