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The Heart of Rock and Roll Stops Beating

Tom again claims the show is live. They mention how live the show is many times throughout the night, which is kind of annoying for those of us on the west coast, where it's delayed three hours./p>

So we're at the bottom three: Lisa/Gleb, Andy/Sharna, and Wynonna/Tony. Tom tells Lisa and Gleb that they're safe. It's time to go to the judges for final warnings. Carrie Ann tells Andy, if he's safe, to keep doing what he's doing. And if Wynonna stays in, Carrie Ann recommends that she move more. Yes, moving around is an important part of dance.

Tom drags the announcement out like a professional, but finally says that the eliminated couple is Wynonna and Tony. Everyone's kind of sad but not surprised. Wynonna says she faced her fears by being here. Hey! That's what they say on Splash, too.

Kim's back next week with a theme of "the best year of the dancers' lives." Zendaya doesn't have many years to pick from.

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