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Season 16 Performance 8: Results

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Hit the Road, Jack

Jason DeRulo is on hand to perform "The Other Side." Whoa, he's doing a headstand. So he's not singing live. He is a great dancer though. And apparently also a magician since he disappears in once spot and then reappears in another. Or should I say illusionist. He's also really sweaty.

Then there's a clip package where each of the couples begs for the dance type that they would like to be assigned for next week. Might have been helpful to see this last night, you know, when people could still vote. Anyway, now we're going to find out which dance each couple gets if they return. Kellie and Derek get flamenco, and they're happy. Ingo and Kym get Charleston, and they're very happy. Zendaya and Val get hip hop. So they're thrilled. Sean and Peta get disco, and they're neutral because Sean sucks at everything. Aly and Mark get Afro jazz, and no one knows what that is. And that means that Jacoby and Karina get lindy hop, which is what they wanted. Jacoby demonstrates what he would have looked like if he'd done Afro jazz. Why is he wearing a cowboy hat? Why are both Mark and Aly wearing fedoras? The fedoras are spreading.

Ingo's son Peanut gets a segment to show us what life is like behind the scenes. Holy shit, he reminds me of one of my kids. Especially the part where he thinks he's scaring people while standing in plain sight.

Brooke interviews some more couples. Aly hopes that she has momentum going into the semifinals. Sean invokes Jesus and ugh.

So they let Derek choreograph this routine with a female dancer and the whole thing takes place inside this giant rotating room. But when we see it, we don't see the rotation happening, so it just looks like they are flying around the room, dancing on the walls and ceilings, etc. It's amazing. I mean, it's so well done and flawless. I loved that. Derek has such a huge future ahead of him as a choreographer. That could have been a music video.

Emeli Sande is apparently a huge deal in the UK but I've never heard of her. I'm sure I've heard some of her songs, though. Anyway, she's singing "Next to Me" while Cheryl and Dmitri dance. Dmitri! Whatever happened to him?

Sean didn't get great scores last night because he didn't deserve them, if you ask me. Carrie Ann noted that Aly was missing the requisite bounce in the jive, and Mark is kind of a dick to Aly about it. So which of these couples are in jeopardy? It's Sean and Peta, right? It has to be. And it is. Aly and Mark are going to the semifinals.

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