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Season 16 Performance 8

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Len Blows Up

Judges? Bruno calls it "plenty of magic with a little bit of tragic" and says that Sean's feet were a disaster. Carrie Ann says that Bruno's right, and the girls were so good that Sean's mistakes were obvious. Len thinks it was like the first routine, where Sean used all his energy on the attack and lost any style. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 7, and Bruno 7. Those were generous.

Jacoby and Karina have chosen Cheryl as their third for the paso doble. Jacoby is flummoxed in rehearsals, dealing with the two women, but Cheryl is great with athletes, so this could be good. Jacoby does such a great job with the strength and attitude of this routine, but I think he almost needs more to do. He moves so well and he spends a lot of this dance standing around. As choreographed, he did great. There was one stomping section in the middle where he was a little off, but other than that, he tossed those ladies around. I just wanted him to do more.

Judges? Carrie Ann gives Jacoby some shit for lacking finesse in his tossing. Len loved Jacoby's presence and how Jacoby took control of the dance, and he's now a contender. Bruno thought it was raw and powerful, but Jacoby needs to work on his lines and posture. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 9, and Bruno 8. Wow, that was underscored. The audience is booing.

Ingo and Kym chose Lindsay as their third for the jive. With such a young, cute girl in rehearsals, Ingo steps up his game. No more whining! This is not Ingo's dance. He looks like one of the Wiggles. The one who wears weird pants. I mean, he tries to sell it facially but he just isn't light enough on his feet for sections of this. It's good. It's not great.

Judges? Len thought it could have been sharper, but Ingo attacked it and had fun. Bruno loved the energy too, but he needs to clean up his kicks and flicks. Carrie Ann thought it was a little flat-footed, but he brought back the heart and fun that they lost when Andy was eliminated. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8, and Bruno 8. Overscored.

Kellie and Derek have chosen Tristan to dance in their paso doble. Derek's idea is to have this be the flipside of their previous dance, where that one was like heaven and this one is like hell. I like the idea of connecting the routines, but that idea is pretty hacky. The actual dance is really good though. It's set up that Tristan and Derek are battling over Kellie's soul, so she gets pushed back and forth between them. I don't know if it counts as a traditional paso doble, but it was interesting for sure. My one complaint is that Kellie seemed more like a prop and less like the focus of the dance. But Tristan's wearing eyeliner, so that's something.

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