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Season 17 Performance 12

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It's the finale! In just a few hours, the winner, either Jack, Amber, or Corbin will be announced. Everyone knew from day one that Amber and Corbin were going to be here, but Jack is the wild card. The opening number evokes a red carpet with appearances from all of the former contestants, many of whom I forgot existed, and the judges even do a little bit.

After a lengthy recap of last night's dances, we go to break. When we come back. Snooki and Sasha give us a quick view of their cheerleader jive from earlier this season. That's a nice way to incorporate the former contestants. And it's the only dancing we're going to see right now, because first we have to sit through a performance by Enrique Iglesias. This is exactly why I did not miss the results shows this season.

And now there won't be dancing yet! Hope you didn't tune into this show for dancing! First up, let's talk about Corbin. It's hard to tell that he's not a pro, but his movements can sometimes be disjointed. Amber can dance really well, but she's not a pro, and she relies on Derek too much. Jack is the big surprise, but he needs to perform more and stop thinking about his steps too much.

Amber and Derek are reprising their freestyle. It was really great and a fantastic showcase for Amber's strengths. She looks like she's having a ball out there too. And let's not sit down on Derek's choreography; the backup dancers and their synchronicity is amazing.

Tom talks to Len about the fusion dance challenge. Len can't believe how difficult the challenge is, because they only have twenty-four hours to learn the moves and character for two very different styles of dance, and the pros have that same time period to come up with the choreography.

Why do we even have this first hour when it's just filler? Here's another clip package reviewing the entire season. And then a performance by Ylvis of “What Does the Fox Say?” and another performance of the team dance to that song. Which, fine. That was a very entertaining routine so I don't mind watching it again. Corbin nearly dances right out of his fake tuxedo and I thought he was going to accidentally drop trou in the middle of his solo. That was amusing. I would love to show this routine to my dad and get his reaction. I picture puzzled disgust. And then he would say something like, "What is this crap?"

How about another clip package? Of the stars talking about their experiences on the show. At least this one isn't maudlin; it's more funny, talking about the ups and downs of the experience.

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