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Season 17 Performance 12

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And another dance routine. Sigh. This one is all the female pros.

Then they do this dumb bit about how Bill Nye was rebuilt by science after his injury, and he comes out and does his "Weird Science" routine with Tyne except that they keep cutting away and a stunt double comes in and does flips and jumps and stuff and then Bill runs back in like he was there all along. I wasn't really watching for the first few seconds and I was very confused how he did a huge jump, but then I was like, "And he also grew a few inches and got much more fit!" So it was a stunt double.

Elizabeth and Val are back for another routine. Elizabeth still has the off-putting crazy eyes, in case you were wondering. She's just a little TOO INTENSE and it freaks me out. I'm sure she's a very nice person. That leads into another clip package reviewing the second half of the season, including what may have been my favorite moment of any season, when Julianne said that Mark is an overdancer and a focus-puller (although she said it nicer).

Christina and Mark are back to dance with Brant and Peta. Most seasons, at least one of these couples might have made the finals. They were good enough to do so, but just didn't have the fanbase, I guess.

Clip package with Valerie and Tristan. Valerie says that she's so happy to be back, and she was given a death sentence earlier this year, and she shouldn't even be alive now. And here she is dancing! She and Tristan are dancing to Colbie Caillat singing "What a Wonderful World." Valerie moves beautifully for a woman of any age, and if she forgets a few steps in the middle, who gives a shit?

Clip package reviewing Snooki and Sasha's goofy partnership. And then they dance. Snooki is working it. It's kind of nice to see her dancing with all the pressure removed; she seems like she's having a lot more fun.

Lady Antebellum. Performance of their new single. And then another clip package of the past few weeks. Seriously, we are 1:15 into this two-hour show and we haven't seen any of the finalists do a final dance yet. This is bullshit.

So why not have more people we already voted off the show dance? Leah and Tony do a tango. Leah is like Snooki in that she dances much better now that the pressure is off. I wish she could have done this weeks ago. Bill and Emma are also doing another dance, although they didn't have time to learn a new one having just been eliminated last night. They are reprising their samba.

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