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Season 17 Performance 12

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Then, just because things have been to exciting for a while, let's have a performance from Colbie Caillat to slow things down.

And now comes the maudlin part, where each star talks about how awesome their pros are. And then they reveal who ended up in third place: Jack and Cheryl. That's probably right based on actual dancing ability, but I was rooting for him just based on his story and his attitude, which kind of makes me hate myself? Because I used to get mad when people went far based on personality instead of dancing ability. Who am I? Anyway, they all talk with Tom and Brooke about how inspirational Jack's journey has been.

And then there were two. But only one of them can win. And the winners are…Amber and Derek. Amber FLIPS the fuck out. It's great. She really didn't think she was going to win. I don't know why, but she was really prepared to lose, I think. She gives a shout out to women of all sizes to do whatever they want to do. Brooke has a quick word with Corbin, who is incredibly gracious and sweet. And then Amber gets her hands on the trophy and everyone celebrates. And for once, they all seem to be celebrating Amber and not Derek, which is nice.

So there's the season! It was a good one, I think. I liked only have the show one night a week. I think tonight showed that they were rusty doing Results Shows and I never missed any of that filler on Tuesday nights. See you in the spring!

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